Tankyard Battle Royale

  • Workout Date - 12/10/2015
  • Q In Charge - AFLAC
  • The PAX - TBC, Squeal, Ashley, Fern, White Walker, Montross, Wah Wah, Cataracts, Squints, Guvnah, Rocky Top, AFLAC (QIC)
  • AO -

12 PAX took advantage of perfect weather at the beautiful Tankyard. Temp in the high 40’s, average IQ in the low 40’s. Precisely the group of men that I needed to stage a bit of a competition.

SSH x 30 IC
IW x 15 IC
Toy Soldiers
Mosey around the park and then back to the tennis courts.

The Thang
PAX numbered off 1’s and 2’s. As it turns out, Team 1A was made up of YHC, Squeal, Ashley, TBC, White Walker, and Cataracts. This was a very well put together team that reminded me of a collective group of Rocky Balboa’s – hungry, prepared, ready for victory. Team 2B was made up of Montross, Rocky Top, Squints, Guvnah, Wah Wah, and Fern. This group reminded me of a less athletic Paula Deen- also hungry, mean as a snake, will do what it takes to bring you down for a victory, and an excellent cook. The two teams would compete in 5 rounds, consisting of three exercises per round with 5 court sprints in between exercises. #Tankyard bragging rights on the line.

Round 1: 180 Merkins (average 30 per man), jailbreak sprint to the other end of the 5 courts, 180 double count flutters, sprint back down, 180 squats. Team Paula took the first round, pretty convincingly.

Round 2: 180 Wide Merkins, sprint, 180 seal crunches (team lines up together on their six, locks arms, completes big boy situp, shout out to Inspector Gadget on this one), sprint back, 180 jump squats. Team Paula takes it again…but this time their grabbing their knees. Weakness is showing

Round 3; 180 diamond Merkins, sprint, 180 snow angels, sprint, 180 lunges. Team Rocky brings it in first on this one.YHC looks over and sees Team Paula;

Round 4; 180 hand release merkins, sprint, 360 LBC’s, sprint, 180 Split jump squats. Team Rocky takes the victory again, we’re all tied up at 2 rounds a piece.

Round 5; 180 Merkins, sprint, 45 seconds of plank, sprint, 180 jump squats. This was a tight finish, Team Paula seems to think they have it, but it was pretty dark out there still, no lights and all.

Bonus Round 6!; Bear walk for two courts, sprint to the end, Crab walk for two courts, sprint back to the end. Montross smoked the PAX on this one. Everybody was sufficiently gassed.

Head to the pullup bars. 25 pullups, Montross was hoping we could get some more shoulder and upper body work in.

Head back to the tennis courts. Plankorama. Everybody held high plank, while one man completed 10 Mtn Climbers, dbl count, until we go all the way around the circle. Fern went for extra credit and did 20 dbl count #overachiever

Last event; Flutter-off. Everybody started doing flutters, and who lasted the longest wins. Everybody held out for a nice long time, however TBC took home the trophy with roughly 230 single count flutters. Suzanne Somers instructional videos were given credit.

Great work by everybody….all out effort all morning long. I can honestly say if I weren’t Q’ing and coming out to be with this group I would have definitely sacked! Thanks for the accountability!

COT Prayers for Squints father, Weedwackers father in law, Ferns good friend, and Stephen Wilson, friend of Squeals and YHC’c. Prayers for sanity in this upcoming holiday break! Dueceable next Friday, Cleveland Park, partner up, come out for a beatdown.


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