Tank Yard Turns Two

  • Workout Date - 10/08/2015
  • Q In Charge - Flay
  • The PAX - Squeal, Twerkin, Sanchez, Montross, T.B.C., Latka, Homeward Bound, San Diago, Bunyan, Hermie, THE Hard Hat, Snip It, Clapper, Dexter, Ricky Bobby, Cataract, Squints, Ralphie, (LIFO for Semper)
  • AO -

Time flies when you’re having fun. Seems like just yesterday when we launched our first split from the Main Thang (Golden Strip) and we quickly realized that we’d have to launch another to relieve the problematic status downtown. TBC and I met with Iceman, and decided that Gower Park, home of the Tank and the Gloomiest Gloom of the upstate (seriously, it’s DARK) would be a good spot. Two years later, some regulars have come and gone, and then come back. We’ve moved around the leadership mantle, passing to Sanchez last year and then the two headed monster that is Montross and Squeal this past August.

All in all, it’s been a blast. Gower Park has a lot to offer to keep the workouts varied, and we’ve managed to develop some pretty accurate night vision, especially when the parking lot lights (which barely illuminate anything, btw) went out on us for a few weeks this past spring.  Time to celebrate with a quick tour (a Gracious Blend, as our very own Bunyan would say) of the AO.

19 PAX (a good mix of Tankyardigans and guests. Y’all come back any time) felt their way in the gloom up to the tank to circle up and get some work done. Latka mentioned that he brought his headlamp, but left it in his car when he saw nobody else using one (the TankYard answer: “That’s because headlamps are for pansies.” Aye)

Here’s what when down.

Moment of Silence for our State and those who lost their lives and homes in the flooding


SSH x 20 IC (Upstate Requirement)

Hillbilly x 20 IC (in honor of our site Co-Q Squeal)

Mosey down to the Holler. At which point Hermie reminds us that it was once Hermie’s Holler…

Ok… Mosey down to Hermie’s Holler. Partner up.


Y’all know the drill, but this was a variation. From the parking lot, partner 1 backpedals the big exit ramp, sprints to the opposite ramp, crab walk down and back to partner 2. Partner 2 does 10 Hand Release Merkins and 10 Jump Squats AMRAP until relieved.

Repeato going hard, AMRAP for 5 minutes.

Circle up.

Flutters x 50 IC (in honor of the Flutter King and TankYard Redwood Original: T.B.C.)

Mosey back to the park to:

Semper’s Hill

No cinderblocks to throw today (#cobains) so it’s a bearcrawl race up to the shelter. Winner, as always, is THE Hard Hat, who isn’t competitive at all.

Break up in to groups of four.

Pain Stations

Group 1: Biatch benches x 10

Group 2: Russian Twist until all biatch benches are done

Group 3: Lunges until all biatch benches are done

Group 4: LBCs until all biatch benches are done

Group 5: Teabaggers until all biatch benches are done

Rotate until everybody’s done a biatch bench set

Indian Run (double applesauce)

Squints and Ralphie in the lead to set pace, at which point they both fly up the hill, leaving the rest of the PAX panting. #sandbaggers

Stop at the baseball fields and hit the bleachers

Pain Stations

Derkins x 15

Dips x 20


People’s chair till everybody’s done

Over to the pain cage

Hipslappers x 20 IC (#crowdpleaser)

Mosey back to the tennis courts

Ark Loader (not a Flay workout without one, plus we wanted to piss Dexter off. #MissionAccomplished)

Court 1: Bear Crawl

Court 2: Duck Walk

Court 3: Jameis Winston

Court 4: Frog Jump

Court 5: Sprint

Plank up till everybody’s done. Back to court 3 for Mary


Flutters x 51 IC (shout out #2 for TBC)

Back scratchers x 20 IC

Dying Cockroach/Billy Brice x 20 IC

Superman burpees x 14 in honor of the number who have died due to the flood disaster

Piel del Topo

  • I really do love this AO. We typically get smaller numbers, so this was a lot of fun with a bigger group. Y’all come on back any time. We may not be able to see anything, but the Force is strong with the TankYardigan PAX, and we’ll get you through the dark without incident
  • Shout out to Semper, who woke up the neighbors with a LIFO driveby through the parking lot, honking up a storm, during COT. Hope the studies are going well, brother.
  • Gold event to support GCOD TODAY
  • F3 Hope Relay on 11/14. Ping Ricky Bobby for details. Loooking for at least one team from each AO. I’ll take Q on the Tank Yard team. Let me know if you’re interested. Should be a good time with loads of Second F.
  • Prayers for the unending adoption process that Squeal and his family are navigating. Montross put it best when he said “we’re getting to the point where I think you might getting punk’d.” In spite of that, Squeal has shown patience and Grace to trust that it’s in God’s hands and that all will be well in the end.
  • Columbia Flood relief: make no mistake, we’ve done a lot of good so far, but this will be a long process and needs will continue for the foreseeable future. Keep dropping supplies with Trycycle (underwear, socks, contractor bags, baby needs, pet food, kids’ toys and WATER are all major needs). Footloose is mustering PAX to go down to help with clean up on Saturday. right now, we are meeting at 0700 at Legacy to immediately caravan down. Come ready to work with demo tools, contractor bags, a dust mask, and a change of clothes for the ride back. More details forthcoming.

That’s it. Thanks to all the Tankyardigans who make this AO home for me and many move. Here’s to many, many more years.


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