Tag Team

  • Workout Date - 05/31/2014
  • Q In Charge - Snowden and Flay
  • The PAX - Scuba Steve, Winslow, Grease Trap, Iceman, Ahhnold, Freeze Dry, Brown Shorts, Ponzi, Longbottom, Wifi, Slim, Beavis, Gluten, Yanni (visiting from F3 Cola), Tesh, LBP, Nature Boy, Phil Dunphy, Handy Manny, Grim Reeper, Snowden, Flay
  • AO -

Since my first Post not quite a year ago, I’ve been lucky enough to run into countless men that I never would have had the chance to meet without F3. It’s truly been an honor and a material change in my life to be touched by so many special people.

That said, immediately after my first Post, there were several people that I knew would soak up the Kool-Aid like I did. Top of that list was Snowden. We’ve been buddies ever since I was his customer a decade ago, and, we’ve been working across the hall from eachother for the past 2 years. As he would attest, we’ve been through some, um, “stuff” together. We’ve been plotting to do a co-Q since last Fall, and just haven’t been able to make it happen due to schedules, etc.  Lo and behold, this week it finally worked out, and 22 Swamp Rabbit PAX got a Tag Team Treat courtesy of YHC and our favorite #MumblechatterExtraordinaire.

By the way, this is what happens when Snowden gets an idea in his head:



Warm Up (Snowden on Q)

SSH X 10
IW X 16 #oopsmeanttostopat15
Arm circles X 10 inward X 10 outward
Count of 1’s and 2’s

4 buddies (sandbags) were brought courtesy of Iceman and they were to be carried the entire workout. Don’t care who carries them, but we have to stay together as a group during the Mosey and the bags go with us.

Mosey to Playground, split in 1’s and 2’s

Pain Station #1

Box Jumps X 25 plank till all done
Merkins X 25 plank till all done

Mosey down around pond to the steps

Pain Station #2

Werkins X 25
Thusters X 25
LBC’s X 25

Flay takes the Q – short mosey up the steps to the Wall

Ark Ladder

Bearcrawl up the wall/burpee at the top

Jameis Winston down

Repeato/add a burpee each time up to 7 total #mumblechatterendshere

Skeleton till everybody’s done

Short mosey up to the flat part of the Grassy Knoll/circleup

Jack Webb Pyramid

Up to 5 merkins/20 presses

Back down #crowdpleaser

Snowden grabs the Q

Mosey to bottom of street past 1D’s hill and circle up. Found some new friends here as there were 4 “yard maintenance” guys waiting to start some work. Next I hear small mumblechatter in spanish and see these random fella’s snapping pics with their phones. #littleweird

Pain Station #3

Diamond Merkins X 25
MC X 25
Flutters X 50
Squat Jumps X 25

PAX didn’t seem that tired..Quick Audible..Grab some curb for

Incline Merkins X 25 #crowdpleaser

Flay takes back the Q #NoMoreMerkinsPlease

Mosey to Ruskin Square

Ark 4 Corners

Duck Walk the long sides of the square #Icemanaskedforit

Bearcrawl the short sides

Russian Twist x 20 SC at each corner

All the way around and back to the start

Plank up till everybody’s done

Mosey to the fern. Line up on the wall. Balls to the wall.

Fartknockers (aka Hipslappers) x 20 IC

Break back up into 1s and 2s

South Cackalacky Railroad Race

Losing team (that would be Snowden’s team) gets Spicolis x 10.

Ok, we’ll all do ’em together

Snowden snags back the Q

Mosey back to the circle.

Duck Duck Mary –

Circle up while two PAX run with sandbags and all other perform exercise. change exercise every 2-3 rounds

Dead Cockroach
Flutters #sandbagdroppedonFlayshead #cursewordinsertedhere
Hello Dolly
6 inches ..legs out small circles #peoplecheatingrightnow



  • Always fun leading the boys. Even more fun when I get to share the Q with a good friend like Snowden. This was one of the most fun times I’ve had leading the PAX through their paces. Hope everybody enjoyed
  • Burpees are #SnowdenKryptonite. Anytime you wanna shut him up, throw ’em into the mix and things will get eerily quiet
  • Considering the long GORUCK simulation we had the following day, the duckwalks might have been a bad idea
  • Snowden knows that YHC is prone to pottymouthedness, but I’ve managed to keep it (relatively) clean in deference to the PAX. All that went out the window when Nature Boy accidentally dropped that sandbag on my face. Just glad there weren’t any 2.0s present. Apologies if I offended anybody with the sailor-like diatribe that ensued #nofilter
  • #Tclaps to Gluten, Brown Shorts and Ponzi for some tough effort. Keep at it boys.

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