Tag Team Q at Matinee

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  • Workout Date - 07/20/2015
  • Q In Charge - Data & Uncle Remus
  • The PAX - Data, Remus, Seal, Mud Puppy, Grit, Bluegill, Strikeout
  • AO -

Pacer was scheduled to have his VQ at Matinee yesterday (and claim one of the F3 Swamp Rabbit shirts!), but a last minute work emergency kept him in his cube. Uncle Remus and I decided to do a little tag team Co Q to fill the gap. For Matinee, it is always a good idea to have a plan in mind in case the Q can’t make it.

YHC took the first half of the workout.


SSH x15

Smurf Jacks x10

Windmills x10

Mosey over to the TD Amphitheater for 15 dips and 15 Derkins, repeto.

Next up were 11’s with squats at the base of the amphitheater  and burpees at the top of the grassy stairs. This was in the direct sun at noon. Perfect for heat acclimation! We planked up in the shade on the stage, and when everyone was done Uncle Remus was tagged in.

Remus started with a favorite of his: Lt. Dans up to 7/28 and then back down the ladder.

Mosey back down to the flag for Jack Webbs up to 6/24 and then back down the ladder. Lots of #mumblechatter about Remus’s counting here.

Mary: Pax Choice

Seal called out the first exercise: Heels To Heaven x25

Gritt was up next and went with Rise From The Grave x20

Next up was Mud Puppy, who clearly hates us all. He called out Bear Crawls up the sunny hill for the remainder of our time. LOTs of #mumblechatter over this.


Remember #Night Ops Sunday nights @ 1900

Dad’s Camp is next month

Unspoken prayers for Grit.

Prayers for Seal’s Step Dad and his foster child.

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