Table for Two

  • Workout Date - 09/29/2022
  • Q In Charge - Iceman
  • The PAX - SlapChop, Iceman
  • AO -

2 Men won the long standing war against the #Fartsack to post at #TheBurbs.

The Thang

IW x20

Looks like it’s just @SlapChop and I so let’s mosey. YHC had planned some #Skunkworks for today. #Skunkworks is code for experimentation so experiment we did…..

Modified 4 corners
All 4 exercises will be done at each corner
Merkin Medley x 1min (start narrow and work hands outward, then back narrow, repeating until time)
People’s revers lunge x 1min (sitting in air chair, alternate dropping each leg back into a reverse lunge while staying in PC)
High knee burpee x 1min (10 high knees then burpee)
Crane split squat x 1min (lunge position, alternate lunging with each leg while bringing knee up to chest – post lunge)

Mosey to the side of the building facing where we park
Peoples chair for 30 secs, straight into…
Inverted mtn climbers x10 (hands on ground, feet on wall), straight into….
5 merkins
repeato 3x

Mosey the long way back to the flag for 4MOM
@SlapChop called out 15 In & outs, 15 big boy situps and 15 american hammers (dc)
YHC called out LBC 3.0 x10


Naked Moleskin:
This was the perfect setting to test several new exercises.
– The merkin medley is sneaky. Just standard merkins (narrow, normal and wide) but @SlapChop agreed they were difficult. Pretty sure it’s the inability to “bounce” up and down since you have to control hand movement (in and out).
– The Peoples Reverse Lunge is a leg smoker. If you stay in the crouch position, it’s very tough
– The Crane Split Squat takes a little getting use to but is also a let smoker
– The inverted Mtn Climbers are hard and require slower movement so you don’t fall on your face ; )

All of the above will be used again in the near future.

– Toys for Tots Convergence – Thurs 11/10 at 0530. Preblast here….
– Hope Relay – Sat 11/12
– Thanksgiving Convergence – Thurs 11/24 at Legacy 0700. Flay has the Q so expect ark loaders, speedway and other horribly good pain.

– Main topic was getting guys back out in the #Gloom. @SlapChop made a great point that #LeadersLead so we all need to step up and be leaders “in our community”. #WalktheWalk

So that’s the challenge for all of us. Unless you’re injured, commit to posting XX number of days per week. Concurrently, we need to reach out to guys who we haven’t seen in a while. Check on them and encourage them to get back out in the #Gloom. Nature abhors a vacuum which is why we all need to step up and be leaders.

@GoldenSombrero noticed the low numbers and has committed to posting next week at #TheBurbs. He’s traveling on business this week.

GS Tweet

See ya in the gloom….


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