T-rex arm-o-rama

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  • Workout Date - 03/23/2017
  • Q In Charge - SEAL
  • The PAX - Slug, Brown Shorts, Quaker, Gluten, Red Wire, BOGO
  • AO -

7 men posted for what YHC promised to be a pre-P200 friendly workout after a mutual agreement had been struck with Brown Shorts some weeks ago when I signed up to Q this day. No legs needed.

Gloom observations: Quaker, for God’s sake, put on a sweatshirt or sleeves of some kind! It is not spring like weather at the moment (39*). BOGO has blessed us with a Thursday appearance. Was hoping for a few more bodies to punish. 

Hors d’Oeuvres:

SSH x30 IC, MC x30 IC, Merican x10 IC, Windmill x30 IC

The meat and potatoes:

@The picnic shelter:

11’s with dips and Derkins, dead hang from rafters after you finish.

@The block pile:

60’s with the 4″ blocks (low half curl, high half curl, full range curl, tricep extensions) 15 of each, Rinse and Repeat X3

30’s with the 4″ blocks (upright rows and overhead press) 15 of each, Rinse and Repeat X3

@Marathon Knob (new name for hillside near trellis)

Jacob’s Ladder – merican at the bottom, burpee at the top, bear crawl up, crab walk down, go to 11

Audible at YHC hitting rep 8 (BOGO reports hitting rep 9 – overachiever and still my nemesis)

Line up at the speed bump for a jail break. YHC’s absence from workouts lately is showing. Slug and BOGO pull out a tie for the win. YHC was some distance behind in a meager 3rd.


LBC X30 IC, Flutterkicks X30 IC, Heels to heavens X30 IC, Air humpers X30 IC, and for fun Monkey Humpers X15 IC


A: P200 tomorrow, Issaqueena Fight for the Flight 5/20/17 http://www.flightforthefight.com/ , Reedy River 10k, 5k, and kid’s run 4/22/17

P: BOGO’s 2.0, Gluten’s friend, all those who need F3


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