Syllabus day at Camelot

  • Workout Date - 02/21/2015
  • Q In Charge - Spongebob & Flay (from Swamp Rabbit)
  • The PAX - Mario, Two Stroke, Amp, THicks, Whammo (war baby), Blue Hen (war daddy), Crunchy, Wahoo, Roscoe P. Coltrane, Overdraft, Meter Maid, Nyquil
  • AO -

The Anderson boys have been doing a heck of a job keeping the numbers up and expanding their workouts to additional days and AOs. It’s always amazing to see F3 continue to change lives and rescue #sadclowns from the #fartsack.  With the growth, came the request for a Q School to help drive them forward in the same way we’ve all grown.  12 men showed up to get some words of wisdom from YHC and Flay (whom is always a pleasure to work with).
***We also made time to get the heart rates going a little too.

Here are my meeting minutes:

1)  WU – because it’s darn cold
SSH X 20
IW X 20
Mtn Climbers X 20

2)  A brief history of F3’s formation, the mission, and the 5 principles of a workout.  Of which, YHC forgot one, which happened to be that they are peer lead.  Of course I forget the one that was the reason Flay and I were there to help coach.

3)  Let’s talk counting.  Seems easy, it’s not when you get up there, you’re out of breath, and you have 10 guys staring at you.  We walked through it and then split into 2 groups to practice.  Each member took a turn leading an exercise, ran the length of the soccer field to get out of breath and kept going.
Next Exercise is ……
Starting position….move….
In Cadence (or OYO, or whatever…and don’t get FANCY.  4 count is easiest)
Elevate for last rep

4)  Tips for leading a workout:
Don’t get too confusing
Watch the back…NOBODY gets left behind
Come prepared and think it through beforehand
There is NO SHAME in calling an audible because it’s too confusing, too hard, too easy, etc.
Be clear in explaining it.  Not everybody may know what a Dora 1-2-3 is.

5)  Next up…Flay demonstrates #4 by taking us to the lower hill between soccer fields for Ark Ladder.
Bear Crawl Up the hill
1 burpee
Crab Walk down
Repeato adding a burpee at the top until you reach 7
Plank at the top
Jail Break back to the flag

6)  Number 6 is conveniently 6MOM
Took turns leading counts again for more practice.  *YHC decided to cropdust at this point to save Flay from it on the trip home.  I didn’t know it was going to be that loud, but I did put some strain into it.

7)  Before COT, we gave additional talks
This is yours to own and share together.
Find those that need it.  There are plenty out there.
It’s men only because we need ‘guy time’….definitely not because we think females can’t handle it.     There are plenty of females that could destroy us.
Make sure to do Backblasts in a timely fashion
Make a tshirt.. (it’s OK to have a toilet bowl on the back of the shirt….YHC DARE:  Can you get upperdecker somewhere on the shirt????)
8)  COT, BOM
Announcements:  Concert series with “The Farm” guys.  Definitely need guys to show up for support.
Friday – 2/27 – Crucible style workout begins at Toilet bowl.  FYI – Crucible means hard as hell, competition style, and no waiting around style workout.  Be prepared.  It sucks, but you will see gains from it. It’s a chance to push your limits.

Prayers:  Two stroke’s closing on a house, Cancer sucks – pray for those fighting, Conner (Son of a friend of Two Stroke’s who they are bringing out of a coma after some serious health issues), Flay and wife as they have some great things ahead with his wife’s career options, however, not an easy decision by any means.

FINAL NOTE: For those who missed my post from a month ago….  Organizations can be looked at like 10 people in a boat.  3 are paddling like hell, 5 are there for the scenery, and 2 are trying to sink the boat.  If you’re not paddling, pick up some oars!  We cannot succeed without the ‘peer lead’ aspect for all 3 F’s (not just workouts).  If you aren’t up for leading a workout, lead a happy hour, lead a lunch, lead a charitable event.

You guys are awesome and are already off to a great start.  I can speak on behalf of Flay when I say that We are proud of what’s going on in Anderson and having you guys as brothers.  Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need ANYTHING.

Spongebob and Flay

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