Sweet Hour of Sweat

  • Workout Date - 02/21/2015
  • Q In Charge - Sherpa
  • The PAX - Sherpa, Jimbay, Timmay, Fisherman, Spike, Khan (Mall Cop), FNG Intel, FNG (had to leave early so no name given), Snooker, Rambo
  • AO -

For 1 hour, these boys worked up a decent little sweat.

Warmup. The new guys, the security guards, and YHC were the only ones there to start right at 7:00:
  • Imperial Walkers  x 20
  • 10 Burpees OYO
  • 20 LBC’s
  • 15 smurfjacks
  • 15 jumping jacks
Run down to the big field:
  • Deck of Death: draw a card from the deck, do corresponding exercise by number on card. Clubs = pushups. Spades = legs. Diamonds = situps. Hearts = rock work. Draw 5 cards, then run a lap. At this point, FNG Mike was just killing it. I was worried he was going to burn out. Strong guy.
  • About half way through Deck of Death, a whole slew of guys poured in. Jimbay, Timmay, Snooker, Rambo, and Fisherman graced us with their presence.
  • We made it through 20 cards and 4 laps around the field
Then line up and Indian run back up the hill and down to the bleachers:
  • A modified Jacob’s Ladder: Frog Hop up the bleachers to the top, do 1 Burpee, run down, Frog Hop back up, 2 Burpees at the top…all the way to 7 Burpees. Guys were dropping out like flies. YHC was the only one to finish the Burpees, but good work fellas in sticking in there and modifying.
  • Finish with a round of plank-o-rama
At this point I think people were ready to stone me but we pressed on. Mosey back up to the hill:
  • Find a partner. One guy does the Iron Chair against the wall while the other guy runs Line Drills. Start at the line, run half way, do 5 Russian Twists, back to start line, then to the far line, 5 Russian Twists, back to the start, and then sprint to the wall to rescue your buddy who’s legs are quivering by now. Switch and repeat. Did 4 rounds each of this. Rambo was looking super strong during this phase.
Line up and Jail Break spring back to start. Finish with Core:
  • 10 Rosalita’s triple count
  • 10 LBC’s, triple count
Congratulations. You survived. And we broke into double digits. That’s a good sign.
Name-o-rama: FNG Mike became F3 Intel. Announcements:
  • Guys have been saying 2 days just isn’t enough. I agree. I’m getting flabby. So next week we’ll do a trial run adding 2 extra days – so will be Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Weekdays will meet at 6:30am and finish at 7:15. Will follow with 1 hour of English class. Saturday will be 7:00-8:00 (full hour).
  • Granted, half the PAX showed up 20 minute late today. We gotta work on that. There’s “Nepal Time” (usually 30 minutes late), and “F3 Time” (on time). We go by F3 time.
  • If you, or someone you know, has been “Lurking” in the shadows, afraid to actually show up to a workout, now is the time to get them out. Reading this won’t make you stronger. Only showing up will do that. Invite someone you love next week. Pressure them. This is the good kind of pressure, because it makes us better. Who do you care enough about to pressure into coming next week?

Granted, half the PAX showed up 20 minute late. We gotta work on that. There’s “Nepal Time” (usually 30 minutes late), and “F3 Time” (on time). We go by F3 time.

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