Swamp Rabbit Anniversary

  • Workout Date - 02/23/2024
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Have you ever noticed how the movie Groundhog Day resembles F3?  Self-absorbed man grows discontent with empty lifestyle and eventually transforms to to put others before himself. These are things you think about when celebrating the anniversary of a workout (and Region) that started on 02-02-13.

Four flags, 50 Swamp Rabbits, and all three F’s kicked off the second year of the Swamp Rabbit.

First, though, a Black Ops insertion at the bottom of the hill:  plant new Raider Made (TM?) flag and take a minute to snap a photo:  

Swamp Rabbit- SF

Engage the rest of the pax for glad handing and back slapping prior to launch.  Lots of headlights.  Not a lot of parking spaces.

Consistent with the Groundhog Day theme, the Swamp Rabbit pax requested a repeat of the inaugural workout.  While AP and TR were able to make it happen, Punxsutawny Belk cut his leg shaving Friday and was on IR.  So what follows is more or less what happened last year, just with more Larry Birds and a lot more guys.


AP-led mosey to bottom of the hill for the ceremonial presentation of the colors.  COP on the side of a hill.

  • SSH, Merkins, Squats, Mountain Climbers and Peter Parkers

The view from the bottom:

Swamp Rabbit COP

Great picture from @Zane_M. Not unlike the Lord of the Rings when they stormed Helm’s Deep.

Moved from the COP to the running of the Beast:  Called exercise x6 at each cone up the hill.  Jailbreak back down the hill.

  • Round 1:  Merkins (belly start audible for the jumpy bulls in chute)
  • Round 2:  Squats
  • Round 3:  Burpees

Cadre Pie setting up the Beast to 50 Pax                                              Cadre Pie setting up the Beast to 50 Pax

There were some Larry Birds here.  Mostly bewhiskered ectomorphs:  Scuba Steve, Flay, and Flying Tomato Brothers (I am going from memory), among others.

Mosey to open area for Jack Webb.  Cadre Pie is quickly corrected by the Pax that the proper ratio n:4n, not n:2n as he was planning to do.  So then, Jack Webbs form 1 to…well, let’s see how it goes….  Somewhere around 5:20 or 6:24, the formerly moon-faced Iceman pipes up that when Stagecoach came down last year he led it up to 10.  Then back down.  [Editor’s Note:  That’s just stupid].  AP, thus challenged, slaps the floor, pounds his chest and powers through up to 10.  As if there was every any doubt.  Still, we left there feeling a bit smoked in the shoulder region.

Shredded Shoulders                                             (Actual picture of AP after Jack Webbs)

AP hands off to yours TRuly for a cardio circuit:

  • Lap around pond
  • Wall jumps / step ups
  • Bunny hops (apropos) / lunge walks at steps

Mosey up and over hill for core work.  @Zane_M pull the camera out again to capture the moment:

Sun rises on year two of the Swamp Rabbit

Sun rises on year two of the Swamp Rabbit.

Six Minutes of Mary

  • Flutter x 10
  • One-legged flutter x 10 ea leg
  • Stop-motion flutter
  • Dolly x 10
  • One-legged dolly x 10 ea leg
  • Stop-motion dolly (with a couple of really slow 10 counts)
  • LBCs (not be confused with TBCs) x 15 or 20 or so.

Hill Work

  • Various sprints and lunges, culminating in the backwards bear crawl uphill.
  • SEAL / Team sit ups (WWII sit ups with arms interlocked).  I didn’t think they were that bad on the uphill side but a lot of whining from the downhill side.

Either @Zane_M was wearing Google Glasses or he watched a lot of Simon & Simon growing up and mastered the art of covert photography. Because he apparently took this picture right next to me (those are my shoes) and I didn’t notice.  It could be that I am fairly oblivious, too.

Swamp Rabbit - Shoes


Mosey back toward home, stopping to pick up the cones.  Stop-motion lunge walk about 15 yards, then jailbreak.  Still some time left, so 1 burpee for every Pax at the original workout (14), followed by 1 merkin for every additional pax to attend this one (36).


Ball of Man, Area 51 Convergence sytle:  Lord’s Prayer with one, 50-pax voice.


From AP

  • Loved seeing so many familiar faces from both the 1st ever bootcamp but from subsequent trips. Southern hospitality is also in full effect at Swamp Rabbit… I’ll bet 40 of 50 personally thanked me for being there. And it’s obviously they’ve welcomed our old Metro friend Slim, who was also great to see.
  • Larry Bird is in effect with Flying Tomato. I made it my mission to be at the front, and did so for most of my Q. But the Flying Tomato — and sometimes a few others like TR — were right there with me. The VILLE is getting STRONG.
  • Chatter about my boy Iceman(#MoonFace) not being in the original photo as he is currently a shell of his former self. That fitness thing works wonders, men.
  • The PAX calling me out on the Jack Webb ratio was awesome. I didn’t know it was 1:4, but I was happy when that was over and I could hand off to TR. At coffeeteria, I learned that Stagecoach actually took the rabbits to 10 then BACK down to 1. Oh. my. goodness.
  • See many of you next weekend!

From TR:

  • Several outward-reaching journeys going on yesterday:  The Chucktown relaunch, drawing Pax from Columbia and CLT; Dredd, OBT (and others?) heading to W-S; Raleigh Pax supporting the Thin Blue Line effort in Durham; and me and AP making the trip to Greenville.  Big day with big numbers all over the place.
  • Four of the redwood originals there Saturday that were there last year.  Kotters to Spurrier, who has spent most of the last year on IR.  I know he’s got some busted knees, so it might be time to get a Gears workout going when it gets warm.
  • From Gears to Gear:  Lots of chatter at Coffeeteria about adding a kettlebell workout soon.  Would love to see that happen.  You can still get plenty smoked with KBs while not pounding the joints.  Adds for variety.
  • Had the plates again for #Hairburners but the numbers made them obsolete.  To the disappointment of 1, they stayed in the trunk.

You may not quite realize, but Greenville is about to blow up.  You’ve reached a critical mass of pax that, when the weather warms, will start expanding quickly.  Be ready:  to the current leaders, push it down.  To the rest of the pax: step it up.  I predict you’ll have 20 workouts by the end of the year.  Looking forward to watching it happen.

6 thoughts on “Swamp Rabbit Anniversary”

    1. Saturday was awesome. Very thankful for the continued support from both you and TR (and all of F3). How are your shoulders feeling? You handled the Jack Webb “situation” with grace. A wise man once said “when falling, dive”.

  1. Really hammers home the reach of F3 for me. The Swamp Rabbit pax are an awesome group of guys who have gone out of their way to make me feel welcome in my new town. Just felt right to have AP- someone I’ve logged a ton of miles with- leading our workout with another Charlotte luminary, TR, and I look forward to seeing even more familiar faces this weekend!

  2. CORRECTION: the plates stayed in the trunk to the disappointment of 2. I was itching for some #hairburners, but we’ll just have to save that for the next time TR comes down South, or if I can organize a Swamp Rabbit invasion of Area 51…

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