Suspicious Activity

  • Workout Date - 08/24/2015
  • Q In Charge - Youkilis
  • The PAX - Brown Shorts, T-Bag, Flow Rider, Gluten, Slug, Tiny Dancer, Duplo, Stem Cell, Swift, Gut Shot, Keystone, Raven’s (Andrew Durham, FNG), Carl’s Jr, Boomhauer, Gauge (Chance Dudley, FNG), Foot Loose, Quickie, Seal, Log Jam (Eddie Campbell, FNG), Quaker, YHC
  • AO -

The Conditions: 69F and Absolutely Amazing Gloom (Foot Loose can back me up on this)

The warm up:
In Cadence 20 x S.S.H.
IC 20 x I.W.
IC 20 x Squats

Mosey to the corner of the Church and prepare for the Terrible 20’s (In theory divide into two groups runners and joggers) if you think you should be in a walkers group, step up to the joggers, if you think you should be in the joggers then step up to the runners, and if you think you should be a runner then push the group to go faster.
Do 20 ‘merkins as a group then run hard to the next corner (faster guys pick up the six) as a group 19 LBC’s. Run hard to the middle of the Church now 17 ‘merkins.
In reality, Seal blasts off and laps most of us so YHC makes him lead the fast group in flutters while the rest finish up.

Dora 1,2,3 with a PK fly-over so we get 10 extra burpees.
Dips (on the bleachers), calf raises (on the curb), air presses
Al Gore till everyone is done or shared the load to get everyone to finish as a group

Mosey around the church and when you round the last corner jail break to the flag and circle up for 6 MOM, People’s choice around the circle
Flutters x 15
Box Cutter x 20, great position to be looking at the sky for fly-overs. If you look long enough you will find them at the PK (maybe even two) so a 10 burpee salute, Seal probably did 20 did both planes.
Boat-canoe while Seal complains about being skipped so we when back to him and did something, but I can’t remember (maybe reverse LBC’s), or I was tuning him out, but I am sure it was great
Then tried to finish up with and new one from Brown Shorts, the “Dolly-Whip” – Start in 6” and on 1 spread your legs, on 2 close them, on 3 raise them, and on the count lower them to 6”
Out of Time

Went to get my phone and the PAX had broken out into Air Humpers, and next thing I remember I saw the police rolling through because of “suspicious activity”.

Announcements: Matinee today at noon, SOS Tuesday, Names for Easley and Pee-Kins expansion
Prayers: Nail Pops Son – #Walker Strong, Strengthen our Marriages, Friend of Swifts (Brain Tumor), Work Concerns.

1 thought on “Suspicious Activity”

  1. Funny how I’m still the #troublemaker. Youkilis is the ‘A number 1’ instigator that gets me wound up. Yet, I’m still the guy that has to go talk to the cops. We did try to EH him though. He was having no part of that. He found it humorous that a group of guys working out at 5:30 am is “suspicious”.

    Good show by Footloose. Awesome to have your #mumblechatter at the Keg.

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