• Workout Date - 09/23/2023
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Sometimes you come up with an idea that doesn’t seem like that much of a wild hair. With the benefit if 6 or so weeks of runway, the notion of banging out an hour long bootcamp, a challenging trail 6k, and a 30 minute COP all right in a row in the dead of February can sound fun, even a little quaint.

Given the type of challenges we in F3 live to tackle (MudRun, BRR, GoRuck, Tough Mudder, Spartan, etc), the Drifter Tripledown from yesterday didn’t look that crazy at first glance. Then, we gave it a go, and, based on the reactions YHC has seen in the aftermath, as well as the lingering pain in my, well, everywhere, this most definitely qualifies as #CSAUP. I can’t wait to do it next year…

1st Leg: Legacy Park Beatdown (QIC: Flay)

YHC gave a tongue-in-cheek pre-game speech how we had three legs to this Tripledown, one to correspond to each of the 3 F’s, and we’d be tackling the 1st F at Legacy, the 2nd F with the larger group at the Drifter, and it’d be by the 3rd F alone that we’d make it through the post race beatdown. Snickers and jeers ensued (mostly from 1 Direction), but we had no idea how true that would be. #foreshadowing


SSH x 20

IW x 20

Spicolis x 10

The Thang

Mosey to the Pond


Merkins x 10

Russian Twist x 20 (Double Count)

Dip x 30

Squat x 40

LBC x 50 (Single Count)

Take a lap around the pond

Repeato 15 min AMRAP (at this point, 1 Direction began to regret the 20 lb weight vest)

Mosey to the Wall

Noah’s Ladder

Bearcrawl up the wall/Spicoli at the top (#you’rewelcomeKimJung)

Crabwalk down/Diamond Merkin at the bottom

Repeato x 7 adding a rep each time

Mosey to the Grassy Knoll and Partner up

Doramid (or Dora 1, 2, 3, 2, 1) 

One partner exercises, the other runs to the top of the knoll and back. Flapjack and aggregate each exercise until you hit the target and move to the next.

Werkins x 100

Air Presses x 200

Flutters x 300 (double count)

Airpresses x 200

Werkins x100

AUDIBLE to 50 each Airpresses and Werkins on the way back down the pyramid due to time constraints #shouldersstillsmoked

Most unenthusiastic #jailbreak ever back to the circle. No time for 6MOM, so we cut it to 3.


Heels to heaven x 20

Hold 6 inches

Hello Dolly x 20

Hold 6 inches/Happy Birthday to Grit/10 count


Courtesy of Kim Jung

COT. Courtesy of Kim Jung

2nd Leg: Foothills Drifter 6k

Challenging 6k in Lake Connestee Park with around 300 total runners. Word on the street is that over 50 F3 men with attendees from F3 Columbia and The Fort made it out. Not all of them hung around before or after (ahem, Pizza Pizza) but we were out in force.

BOM: Prayer led by Re-Tread

Off to the trails. With almost 20% of the total race made up by F3 men, you pretty much couldn’t throw a rock without hitting one of us

Courtesy of TBC

Courtesy of TBC

Courtesy of TBC

Courtesy of TBC

Guys came trickling in, some with pretty amazing times. Flying Tomato took F3 honors and 3rd Overall with some sort of ungodly time around 23:00. Those of us who completed the first leg of the Tripledown most certainly felt it towards the end. As YHC stumbled toward the finish line, some pretty serious huffing and puffing signaled Scuba Steve sneaking by us at the end. By that point, however, we were too tired to care. Plus, we had the 3rd Leg coming up.

3rd Leg: COP/Grit’s Birthday Beatdown

Circle up, and Grit had the Q:

Side-crawl pushups x 37 In caden… AUDIBLE to 20 or so. 37 would have been insane and the QIC was showing signs of wear from the first two legs

IW x 37… At which point the question went out from the PAX whether or not Grit had been drinking already due to his serious whiteboy rhythm issues. #needcountinglessons

1 Direction Takes the Q.

SSH x 37

Merkins x something (starting to get fuzzy with fatigue)

Flutters x 37

Air Squats x 37

Russian Twist x 37

Courtesy of TBC

Courtesy of TBC

Hootie takes the Q

Some nefarious burpee/diamond merkin/high knee jump combo that will forever remain nameless x 15

Wide plank x forever.

Hootie leading an ever-increasingly groaning PAX in wide plank. Courtesy of TBC

Hootie leading an ever-increasingly groaning PAX in wide plank. Courtesy of TBC

Probably some more, but honestly, we can’t remember, or really much else for the rest of the morning. At one point, YHC unintentionally napped in the afternoon. That’s right. Zonked out. Totally didn’t mean to. This was hard.


Done and dusted. Courtesy of TBC

Done and dusted. Courtesy of TBC


  • We had no less than 3 flying EH’s on the day and a whole bunch that were interested and were a little scared to join. Was pretty amazing to see 45ish dudes all circled up and counting off. Definitely stole the show and made an impact in Greenville. The word is getting out!
  • YHC lost count, but there were at least 6 medalists from the PAX, if not more. Memory’s foggy but Flying Tomato took 3rd Overall, TBC took third in his (old man) age group (TBC wants to be clear that he was 4 seconds off of 1st), FNG Rollins got in the game, as well as FNG Ampersand, and Zuck. Sorry, but the rest elude me. #tclaps
  • Thanks to the brothers from The Fort (Santini, Cobra Kai, Menthol, Sasquatch) and F3 Columbia (Kim Jung, Costanza, Cud) who made the trip. Hope you enjoyed, and look forward to seeing y’all again soon.
  • F3 also stole the show in the post race awards and raffle with more than our fair share of hootin’ and hollerin’ to the medalists and raffle winners. I think the good folks at Half Moon were a little blown away, and will be friends moving forward
  • #Tclaps to my fellow Tripledowners: Kim Jung, Costanza, Golden Sombrero, Twerkin, Punkin Spice, Spongebob, Domer Simpson, Slim , Grit, 1 Direction, TBC, Spurrier, Re-Tread, Iceman
  • Extra #Tclaps to 1 Direction for completing the 1st leg with a weight vest
  • Honestly, there is so much more that I’d like to put down, but it’s just too much, and I’ve for sure forgotten most of the cool things that happened and were said on this day. Suffice it to say, I’m tired, sore, and content. Like I said at the beginning, it didn’t seem like much we we “planned” it, and it might not seem like much now on paper, but this was a great way for F3 Swamp Rabbit to kick off our #CSAUP season. I never cease to be amazed by this group. Thanks boys.


Kim Jung and Costanza.

Kim Jung and Costanza.

Iceman, Snowden, YHC, and Caviar

Iceman, Snowden, YHC, and Caviar





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  1. what a great time, and we were smoked when we got back to columbia! and as for Grit having whiteboy rhythm, thats why we listen to music we can dance to… also, i hate to be a stickler, but you forgot the plankorama between escalator and bearcrawl/crabwalk, and that should definitely be recorded for posterity…i mean, inverted one legged pelvic thrusts past a 3 and a half count without falling asleep was a personal record…

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