SURPRISE, you’re the Q!!

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  • Workout Date - 03/25/2023
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  • The PAX -
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22 faithful planted the shovelflag and brought the noise in B E A Utiful downtown Greenville

Houdini thought he signed up to Q on the 28th so this one was on the fly. No American flag bandana, so he threw out an Over the Top reference to get his game face on….


Flay posting for Houdini


IW x 25

SSH x 30

Mutters on the Q’s count (Merkin bred w/ flutter = Mutter), all about finesse …


The Thang


Project 1:

Circle up in the sexy new courtyard for some loving:

Mekins in cadence x 15

Russian twist X20

Dips X15

Hot feet OYO X 20

Merkins X12

Dips X10

Mutters X Q’s count

Mosey North Bound

Pause at corner for Burpees X5

Continue Mosey

Pause for SSH X 20

Mosey West Towards Liberty 1 Parking Lot

Bottom level love:

Partner Up:

  • Partner 1 LBCs while Partner 2 Runs lap – no count just pumping out core, Flapjack X3
  • Excuse me, Q, Hootie disagrees so he’ll enforce burpees during laps

Circle up for PST X15

Mutters on the Q

PST X 10

Plank w/ some wiggle on the Q

Mosey to Brown Street

Mutters on the Q’s count

Street Sweeper disruption, time to evacuate

Mosey to NAI Parking Lot

Back to partners:

  • #1 Laps it while #2 Burps it
  • Circle up for Core work Russian Twist / In & Outs

Mosey to bottom of Soby’s hill

Hold a down squat position until the group catches up

Squats X 25

Jail Break to the house


Freddy Mercs X 25

6 inches & hold, w/ occasional spread

Mutters on the Q

Freddy Mercs X 25

6 inches & hold w/ occasional spread



  • Great day to get your fitness on, nothing like a strut through one of the best downtowns in N. Merica before breakfast
  • Please lift up Pledge for his foot, been training for the marathon so we’d all like to see him gitterdone
  • Don’t forget about the F3 Thanksgiving meet-up, earn those calories
  • Latka’s on baby watch, please pray for smooth sailing

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