Surprise, Surprise…

  • Workout Date - 10/03/2023
  • Q In Charge - SatisFRY
  • The PAX - Domer, Grilled Cheese on a Donut, Dollywood, Libor, Bubba Gump, 1040, Winslow, Turbo Tax, Updyke, Slim, Twerkin, Hootie, Punch Out, Wingnut, Saddlesore, Denied, SatisFRY
  • AO -

So, it has been a while since YHC has Q’d or even posted for that matter. So YHC figured no better way to get out of the #fartsack was to get on the books for a chance to lead 17 brave souls into the Lion’s Den.

The Thang:
SSH IC x 30
HKJ x 15 OYO
Burpee x 15 OYO

Mosey to bars on the other side of river.
Get into groups of 3
P1: Toes to Bars x 20
P2: Flutters until P1 is done
P3: Squat Jumps until P2 is done

Repeato (Audible: Toes to bar x 10 #coreandarmmeltdown)

Mosey to Big Field and get in to two lines and line up by the first marker. Do the following exercises to the other marker (approx: 20 yrds)
Bear Crawl
Back Pedal
Jamis Winstons
Broad Jump
Karaoke (opposite way)
Army Crawl #watchoutforanthills
Sprint to tree past marker.

1040 with a 10 Count.#10to1or1to10?

Behold 7 Cinder Blocks appear (some with additional coupons inside)…

Get into groups of 3

P1: 20 Overhead Squats with block
P2: Rosalitas until P1 is done
P3: Merkin until P2 is done

P1: 20 Curls with block
P2: Seal Jacks until P1 is done
P3: LBC’s until P2 is done

P1: Air Chair with block x 1 min (#hootie said 30sec, so had to up it)
P2: Elbow Plank until P1 is done
P3: 6 inches until P2 is done

Jail Break to Shovel Flag #dollywoodcanmove

5 Min Mary
Flutters IC x 20
LBC’s? x 25 (qcantremember)
5 one-legged Burpee


Great effort from all that joined us at the Lion’s Den – I only scratched the surface of what can be accomplished in this AO, looking forward to what’s in store.

Pray for our Brothers: Spicoli, 1D, Erector, Nature Boy as well as those that are hurting inside

ROF (Greenville High track)/Beastside (Riverside Middle Track – Wednesdays 5:15AM – Run Forest Run!
BRR (Teams have formed – Training underway – Beverly Hills (Cleveland Park – Monday’s – Contact Slim for more info)
Crucible – Cleveland Park – Fridays – Don’t Come, it’s too hard.                                                       Mudrun Sign Up: Do it! Oct. 4th 2014




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