Sun's up – Discs Flying

  • Workout Date - 05/07/2016
  • Q In Charge - Floppy Disc
  • The PAX - Office Poncharello (WB), Church Lady (WD), Short Barrel, Floppy Disc (YHC)
  • AO -

YHC has been waiting for a sunny day since August for this WO – it’s finally bright enough to see where you’re going on the fields at 0615, so time to start flying on the occasional Saturday – welcome to the #HotBox

Ponch and YHC worked in a 30 min 1.5 mile #2ndF ruck pre fun, just to get things loose, and make sure we were getting the good times rolling early.  It was supposed to be 4 miles w/ more peeps, but the #Fartsack was strong, and a few brothers gave in to it’s methane cuddle. #RIP

Not to be deterred, 4 Pax rolled up ready to go for what YHC was dishing out – so here we go!


  • SSH x 20 IC
  • MC x 15 IC
  • Merkins x 15 IC

Everyone looks like they might be warm, so let’s put in a bit of #Work

Thang 1 (Ratios at the Speedway)

Mosey to the #Speedway for some fun with ratios:

  • Smurpees  – 1 Burpee with 4 Smurfjacks – up to 7, take a lap
  • Jack The Ripper – 1 BBSU with 4 Freddy Mercury – up to 7, take a lap
  • Lt Dan – 1 Squat with 4 Lunges – up to 7, take a lap
  • Jack Webb – 1 Merkin with 4 Air Presses – up to 7

The #MumbleChatter picked up each time we got to more than 16 of any of the ratios, and the #Pax mentioned more than once that we could go back to the original idea of playing Ultimate Frisbee, even with small numbers.  Not to worry – that comes now.

Slowsy to the Track and Field while I retrieve the equipment…

Thang 2 (Hot Box)

  • Place 4 cones for inner square about 4 ft apart on a side.  Place 4 outer cones 20 yards apart with inner cones in the center. Divide into teams, and let the frisbee fun commence.

Rules are as follows:

  1. To score, the disc must be caught in the inner square – no running it in.
  2. If you score, you keep the disc. Make it, take it!
  3. Once you catch the disc, you have to stop and throw, establishing a pivot foot.
  4. Defenders have to give you the space of 1 disc between you and them.
  5. Defenders will give a 5 count.  If the disc is not thrown before they get to 5, it’s a turnover.
  6. If you drop the disc, it’s a turnover.
  7. If the other team intercepts your pass, it’s a turnover.
  8. On any score or turnover, the disc has to be thrown to a teammate outside the outer box before you can catch it in the inner box to score.
  9. Game ends when one team scores 7 goals.

Much fun was had, and Pax were definitely winded by the end of time.

  • 1st game – Floppy Disc and SB – 7, Church Lady and Ponch – 0.
  • 2nd game – Church Lady and Ponch – 2, Floppy Disc and SB – 2. Time was called,

Gather the cones, and let’s head back to the flag for Mary


No workout is complete without a bit of Mary, so

  • Flutters x 20 IC
  • LBC x 20 IC



  • Don’t forget the Millennium Blue Falcon this coming Sat – 5/14, 0700 kickoff at REI on Woodruff
  • Helping out @JohnDenver on 5/21 with carpet/linoleum demo in the new casa – did we mention his M is pregnant?


  • Pray for @ChurchLady’s friend Jim Seward – diagnosed w/ stage 4 pancreatic cancer – prayers of healing and comfort for him and his family
  • Prayers for @Ponch’s M – entering her 3rd trimester of pregnancy – prayers of comfort, and a beatuiful new boy to welcome to their fold
  • Prayers for @JohnDenver’s M – easy pregnancy, surviving the summer 


When you spend your formative (i.e college) years hanging out with ultimate frisbee players, you learn there’s a game for all sizes of groups.  YHC rolled into #Pitchfork with the intent of a rousing game of ultimate frisbee, but that is not really the right call with only a pax of 4.  Never fear, plans change, but fun is still had, not to mention a LOT of running.  It’s good cardio, and a bit of skill involved.  The summer is long, and it will return….

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