Sunday Morning Fun…And Some Sally Too

  • Workout Date - 12/28/2014
  • Q In Charge - Sanchez
  • The PAX - Rocky Top, Baby Nate, Squeal, Sanchez (YHC)
  • AO -

4 Men kicked off the comfort of the fartsack for a little Sunday morning fun at #Tankyard.  This was supposed to be WaWa’s VQ but his 4yr old son didn’t appreciate the significance of this life event when he got sick and kept WaWa up all night.  So, YHC picked up where WaWa left off.  For better or for worse, YHC was still dealing with the painful aftermath of Flay’s post-Christmas leg-fest on Friday so I was motivated to stay north of the belt…

SSH x 20 IC
IW x 20 IC
Merkins x 20 IC

The Thang:
Round 1
Mosey down the parking lot to the 2nd picnic shelter for 3 rounds of  picnic table BiatchBenches (inclined merkin using a bench from 2 neighboring tables and then swing into a dip.  One merkin/one dip = 1 rep)
Round 1: 10 reps OYO
Round 2: 10 reps right leg up on for both the merkin and dip.
Always a sensitive guy, YHC offered Rocky Top a chance to move on to the next exercise and give his surgically repaired, yet still bad shoulder a break.  YHC was very disappointed when he manned up and declined the offer.
Round 3: 10 Reps with left leg up

Round 2
So with shoulders starting to hurt as bad as my legs, YHC lead the men on a mosey to the Holla, stopping to grab some rocks along the way (2 each) #shouldhavesuggestedsmallones

Dora 1,2,3 – with your buddies #biggerisnotbetter
100 Overhead Presses
200 Arm Raises (single count)
300 Curls
While P1 working on the exercise count, P2 runs up the exit hill, back pedals to the entrance hill and runs back home to switch off #flashbackfromfriday

Round 3
Walk over to the Exit Hill and pick a letter (pick from G-O-W-E-R) written on the hill (north/south). Plank up for Big Ben –  12 – head facing up hill, 6 – head facing down hill. Each man calls out a number on the clock, rotate in plank position to where the number is on the clock and then merkin reps according to the number
2 rounds x 4 men x lots of merkins was plenty for YHC so we moved on

Round 4
Not sure if it was throbbing shoulders and a subconscious need for a break from upper body, or the lack of advanced prep but YHC completely blanked on the this round and went with some more running and another DORA from the top of the exit ramp/hill
100 Squats
200 Flutters
300 LBCs
P1 works through exercise count while P2 runs up the hill to the stop sign and back

Back to the Holla to pick up your rocks and return the from whence they came and run up to the tennis courts for…Sunday Fun With Sally (Round 5)
– 4 men circled up in plank position and enjoyed a little music from Moby, at least for a few seconds before the burn kicked in #tooearly.  Stopped part way through the 3min27sec of excruciating pain for a 10 count and to enjoy the wet courts more fully.  It looked like we had a plethora modified merkins and ugly form all around but a good time was had by all.

Round 6
In tribute to my M’s home state of Maryland, we finished with a round of crab cakes – jameis winston starting position and then touch alternating hands to opposite feet.
x 20 IC

25% of the men needed to leave and it seemed like we had all had enough, so we skipped MOM (really just reallocated to earlier rounds).

Naked Moleskin:
Prayers for WaWa’s family for healthy healing and sleep
Prayers for Clapper’s 3 week trip to China to adopt their daughter
Flay’s quick recovery from the Flu and for any PAX who might have gotten too close to him on Friday
All pregnant Swamp Rabbit PAX families
Patience and wisdom for YHC and YHC’s M with son and dealing with his emotional behavior

That’s all.  Go forth and enjoy your Sunday

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