Suicides w/burpees … What?

  • Workout Date - 01/28/2017
  • Q In Charge - Mint Julep
  • The PAX - Road Trip, Easy Bake, ACA, Washer, Boss Hog, The Muff, Shamu, Mint Julep (QIC), Whisper & Sushi - runners
  • AO -

Mission Statement – Done
Disclaimer – Done

SSH x 20
Hillbilly x 20
Monkey Humpers x 15
Shoulder touches x 20


Suicides w/burpees
4 cones, ~10 yards apart. Suicides with all 4 cones, 4 burpees…3 cones, 3 burpees…2 cones, 2 burpees…1 cone, 1 burpee

Mosey to bball court
11’s – jack knife push-ups & lunges

Mosey to speedway for Dora w blocks
100 merkins with hand on 2 blocks
200 squats with blocks
300 plank shoulder touches

Blocks up, get tire
Single file line…tire flips x 2, take a lap…over and over until a full lap is complete. Tire up

Still time…over to the wall…5 second wall holds with merkins up to 5

Mosey to flag for burpees and bear crawls
5 lateral burpees, bear crawl across lane…4 burpees, bear crawl…to 1 burpee

LBC x 20
Dying cockroach x 20
BBSU x 20.

Announcements & Prayers

As always it’s been a pleasure. Good work men! God Bless!

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