Stranger Things

  • Workout Date - 03/13/2020
  • Q In Charge - Lt Dangle
  • The PAX - No Show, Sprinkles, HFT, Turban
  • AO - Tower of Terror

Friday the 13th is synonymous with strange occurrences, frightening tales and trying times. This one spared no expense and proved to be very unusual indeed. The most frightening thing of all, worse than the toilet paper eating zombies is the sightings of ATM and Sammy at Pitchfork! I didn’t think the dead would roll into an AO called “Pitchfork” in fear of getting slaughtered but the were welcomed with open arms. Those two zombies were real no doubt but apparently they ate all of their TP prior to arrival. In the lower 48 known as TOT Lt. Dangle had something in mind for 3/13/20! Let us wash hands, measure the 6′ to mind our distance and get after it.

Mission statement: Nailed it like an empty shelf at Publix.

Disclaimer:  Quit whining, be strong and try not to barf!

Warm up: 

LBAC: Lil Baby Arm Circles

SSH x 21? Forgot to stop at 20.

Times ticking away so let’s get started.

THE THANG: 3/13/20  3 LAPS, 13 REPS, 20 FOR AB’S

Mosey from the clock tower toward S. Maple St. in the church parking lot.

1st, 2nd & 3rd tell the number of laps completed.

1st, 2nd and 3rd stop: Mericans x 13, Derkins x 13, L hand on the curb x 13, R hand on the curb x 13 =156

Mosey toward W. Trade St. and find the stone wall.

1st 13 squats (get low make-em count), 13 box jumps, 13 Monkey Hummer ICx4

2nd, 3rd  13 squats (get low make-em count), 13 jump squats, 13 Monkey Hummer ICx4

Mosey back toward Main St. and stop on the corner near Vaughns.

1st LBC x 20, Das Flutter x 20 4 count, Bicycle For/Rev

2nd Oblique V-up L/R x20 , In-Outs x20

3rd Partner BBSU x 20 (partner stands on the feet, arms crossed over chest), 20 of something that I cannot remember and 20 more?

1st, 2nd, 3rd: Mosey to the Ice Cream Station for some smooth music and 20 Carolina Dry Docks. Then…. we will bear crawl the perimeter of the square (aka speed bump) for some fun. Bear crawl forward, side crawl left, then backwards and lastly side crawl right. This one almost made the Q merlot:)

Repeat for three laps and were back to the tower.

With five minutes to spare we busted out some TOT Yoga.

Announcements:  We have none because everything is cancelled. TOT will no longer be sharing blocks during DORA workouts so we don’t turn into TP eating Zombies! Wash your hands! Don’t buy a bunch of food that you normally wouldn’t eat anyway! Apparently everyone in Greenville is now eating  from the fresh produce section….whatever people don’t fake it

Prayers & Praise: HFT and family still looking for doors to open. Brother needs prayer for his back problems and future. Prayers up brother! Father in law’s kidney is getting better every day PRAISE PRAISE!


Gotta love some F3! Thankful for the everything that all of you bring to the table!


Lt. Dangle



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