Straight doing WORK at the Lion's Den

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  • Workout Date - 12/04/2014
  • Q In Charge - Soup
  • The PAX - Dollywood, Caviar, GCOD in spirit, and Soup. ...
  • AO -

Weather: 54 Degrees, 87% Humidity, Slight NW Breeze

The PAX was excited and enthused to have some new blood Q’n over at the Lion’s Den. Excitement and enthusiam soon waned once they figured out what Ole Soup had in mind for the morning.
After waiting around for a few minutes to see if GCOD was gonna come flying through the parking lot, we decided it was time to get this party started.


The Thang:
Started the workout with 15 Burpees OYO
Followed up with 20 SSH IC

Mosey To Playground

15 Pull Ups OYO
25 Merkins OYO
25 LBC’s OYO
15 Pull Ups OYO
30 Big Boy Sit-Ups IC
20 90 Degree Squats IC

Mosey To The Park Benches

50 Step Ups (25 Each Leg Alternating) OYO
50 Flutter Kicks IC

Mosey On Over To The Tennis Courts For A Suicide Mash Up

Hit The Baseline Fella’s!
1st Round:
1 set of suicides, followed by 15 Prison Merkin (When in the Cage…)
Lunge Walk to far end and back for that deeeeeeeeep burn
Some arbitrary amount of Flutter Kicks OYO
2nd Round:
1 set of suicides, followed by 25 merkins
Lunge Walk to far end and back, burn baby burn
Dead Cockroach it (20 each leg)
3rd Round:
1 set of suicides, followed by 15 Prison Merkins
Lunge Walk to far end and back (grumbling begins)
40 Back Scratchers OYO
4th Round:


1 set of suicides, followed by 25 merkins
Lunge Walk to far end and back
25 LBC’s OYO

Soup still gets lost in the dark but had his trusty side kicks to got him to the double bridges (And We Mosey’d)

On the way to the bridge we saw some park benches
25 Dips OYO
Back to the Mosey

Arrive at the Bridge:
Lunge Walk across the bridge (there was mumbling beforehand, til Soup threatened Caviar and Dollywood with the Bear Crawl…mumbling subsided)
Continue on over to the pull up bar for Toe Touches x 10 OYO

Mosey back to the Bridge:
Bear Crawl Across the Brige (No Idle Threats Here)

Mosey back to COT

5 MOM (Dealer’s Choice for a hodge podge of side raises, merkins, flutters, roman twists, lbcs, and this, that, and the other)


Great work by the Pax. Looking forward to GCOD bringing pre/post workout nutrition whenever he finds his way out of the Fart Sack. Awesome morning to be out in the less than gloomy settings today. There was much mumble chatter on many things F3 related (Differences between the #803 and the #864, why your home AO is your home AO and things like that.) But what really got the group going is the lack of PAX at the #LionsDen. There’s been plenty of talk about how it’s a great/underutilized AO, so seriously come check us out. Don’t worry, the lion’s you hear roaring in the background are kept in cages, and you are completely safe…. unless you’re the “6”. No seriously, I kid, I kid.

-Sign up for the Drifter 6K I hear it’s a great time
-Turn Up for “Turning Point”. Great 3rd F Opportunity. Slim and Sponge are the go to guys on this one

Soup Out…



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