Stop Sign Slappin' good time

  • Workout Date - 06/19/2014
  • Q In Charge - Hermie
  • The PAX - Rusty, Rocky Top, Montross, Manziel, Squeal, Screech, Sanchez, Scuba Steve, Flay, Wah-wah, Angina, Snip-it, Mr. Bojangles (FNG)
  • AO -

slap14 rolled out for a last minute Q by Hermie, including Screech for a guest appearance at the Tank Yard, and one F.N.G. who was there to work on his L.G.N. 9 days pre-wedding night

SSH x 15
Burpees x 15
IW x 15
Burpees x 15

Gettin’ after it:
Mosey down to Holler, stopping every 30 paces for 2 burpees

Now for a round of “8’s”. Starting at the bottom on the big blue G, 7 burpees, then up the exit ramp and up the hill, slap the stop sign on Pimlico and 1 (4 count) flutter kick. Back down the hill and down the exit ramp for 6 burpees, and back up for 2 flutter kicks, keeping the combo sum at “8” until finally 1 burpee and 7 (4 count) flutter kicks. #quadburner #ihatehills. Plank when done

#30 dips on ledge followed by kick lunge across parking lot with sprint back, plank up
#30 box jumps on ledge followed by a hermie worm (walk hands out, push up, walk feet up to hands, broad jump) across parking lot, sprint back, plank up

Mosey back up to tennis court, stopping every 50 strides for 2 burpees #seriouslymoreburpees

Circle up for a round of 14 perfect ‘merkins. Numbers called out by pax in clockwise order. #notsoperfect
Rinse and repeat, but with pax calling # and in clockwise order brothers calling down. I know this doesn’t make sense, sorry, you had to be there. #stillnotsoperfect

50 LBC’s oyo
The flutter x 25
Russian twist x 15
bow to knee x12 on each side

Pray for Tyler Goff (FNG: Mr. Bojangles) and his bride, Michelle, as they are getting hitched next Saturday
Pray for Scuba Steve and his bride
Pray for Erector
Praise for the adoption on Monday of Hannah Jane by Squeal

Great to have the infamous Screech break from the Main Thang join us this am-slap

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