Stick a Fork in Him (he's done)

  • Workout Date - 03/02/2013
  • Q In Charge - Iceman and One Direction
  • The PAX - Wi-Fi, Jordache, Spurrier, Freeze Dry, Slim Fast, Barbara, Barbie (WB), Debit, Ladka, FNG Mike W (Voip) (WD), FNG Chip S (Petrino)
  • AO -

13 Rabbits gathered round the shovel flag and posted in the gloom to witness a rookie Q burnout faster than Lindsey Lohan


The Thang

COP (Iceman as Q)
SSH x22, Mountain Climbers x12, IW x 15 (all in cadence)

Mosey  a couple  blocks to Ruskin Square for Merkins/Air Press Combo

1 Merkin/ 4 Air Presses
2 Merkins/ 8 Air presses
3 Merkins/ 12 Air presses
4 Merkins/ 16 Air presses
5 Merkins/ 20 Air presses and then back down the ladder

Mosey back to the main campus for…

Squat jumps up the steps x2

Find the low wall:

10x derkin, 10x dips, 10x jump ups – plank until all are finished
10x irkin (incline), 10x dips, 10x jump ups – plank until all are finished
10x merkin, 10x dips, 10x jump ups

Popsicle for 20secs x 3

Mosey to the hill for modified Jacobs Ladder
Sprint up the hill – 1 burpee at the top
Sprint up the hill – 2 burpees at the top
Lunge walk up the hill – 3 burpees
Lunge walk up the hill – 4 burpees
Karaoke up the hill (L)- 5 burpees
Karaoke up the hill (R) – 6 burpees

Q handed to One Direction

Line up with backs to the hill
Jacob’s Ladder with linked arm walk-ups (backwards) up the hill – squats at top and bottom (combination totaling 7)

Mosey to the street hill (the big one).  One team of 6 and one team of 7.
BANG!  You’re dead.  Deadman team carry up the hill.  Each team member must be carried and losing team gets 20 burpees.
Close finish. Hey, both teams get 10 burpees. Spread the love!

Hustle up the stairs for three rounds, high knees touching each step.

To the sidewalk. On your rear ends for a new exercise – SWIPERS x 10.

Mosey to the sand for linked-arm lunge walks – to the net and back.

6 MOM (in the sand. 2 rounds for a full 6 minutes)

Round 1: 15 flutters, 15 bicycles, 15 Dollys, 15 LBCs, 15 Rosalitas (IC)
Round 2: 10 flutters, 10 bicycles, 10 Dollys, 10 LBCs, 15 Rosalitas (IC)


– This rookie Q went out hard and fast and faded even faster.  Luckily, @onedirection was there to pick us up AND beat us down.
– The PAX really liked the merkin/air press combos (thanks to @tigerrag for that one).  Lot’s of #FEBA on the backward walk up the hill
– Tclaps to @Jordache for a mammoth effort on the dead man carry – on the last leg he put the team member on his back and willed his team to the finish line
– The local #FERN was filled with curious on-lookers – both of them trying to figure out what we were doing.
– @Onedirection pointed out that the park uses the new kind of sand that doesn’t stick to clothes??
– Exciting times in Greenville as the legend of #SwampRabbit continues to grow, as does the #mumblechatter.
– Word on the street is that @Dredd and @OBT might be visiting the #Swamprabbit crew in the very near future. We look forward to hosting you.







3 thoughts on “Stick a Fork in Him (he's done)”

  1. Great post!

    One of the top tips to rookie Qs — “don’t smoke yourself.” It happens.

    Hope Dredd & OBT do make it down… if they do, make sure G-ville F3 comes out. I say that not because of respect, which I have much, but out of the giving nature and great leadership these gents bring (in very different ways).

  2. @AP – I asked One Direction to be “on standby” as I expected to burn out. Figured it was better for the PAX if I burned out quick than to pace myself but not challenge them.
    Hear ya loud and clear on Dredd and OBT. We’re “all ears” anytime we get experienced F3ers in town.

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