Steamy Gate

  • Workout Date - 07/22/2019
  • Q In Charge - THE HARD HAT
  • The PAX - Mini Van, Grit, Wilson, Longbottom, Perfect Cheer, and THE HARD HAR
  • AO - The Gate

Wilson and Longbottom ran from East North Starbucks. More to follow on that.

Warm-up – SSH, IW, and special request for Hillbillies.

The Thang – Run over to shed and pick out a tire. Carry tires over head to ball field. Throw tire over the 6′ high fence.

  • Line up on first base line – Tire Throw across field until your tire hits the outfield fence. 5 merkins on your tire before each throw
  • Tire push back across. Count 5 seconds each push then pause for 5 squats
  • Line up again. Tire throw again except this time 5 presses with the tire each stop.
  • Tire push back across. Count 5 seconds again. Run back to out field fence at each pause then run back for more pushing.

Put tires up and everone grab a block. Carry to front of church. Partner up. One partner farmers carry while other one performs exercise then flip flop. Merkins, lunges and burpees. Lots of complaining on the last one.

Carry blocks around church – Pause three times for sets of 20 curls and 20 press with blocks. 10 man makers with blocks before we put them up.

Mosey back from 2 minutes of X’s and O’s

BOM – Prayers for patients with kids and Wilson test results.

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