Staying warm but not getting burned by the Ring of Fire

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  • Workout Date - 10/12/2015
  • Q In Charge - Slim
  • The PAX - Focker, Highlights, Crystal Light (first visit to the RoF), Armanti, Mr. Winslow, Dollywood, Domer, Slim aka Prius
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8 men decided it was too cold out of the #fartsack and needed to come get warmed by the #RingOfFire.

The Thang:

1 mile warmup. For those of you not in attendance, and let’s be honest- that’s about 99% of the SR region- YHC has an alias: Prius, as I’m dependable, environmentally friendly, and SLOW.

Warmed up? No? Let’s do a half mile Indian Run, #RoF style. That means a much faster mosey than you may find at a #HardeesWorkout (callback to SpongeBob’s #EarlyThang, you weren’t there either).

Time for 2-4-6-8-10.

200/200 recovery, 400/200 recovery, 600/200 recovery, 800/400 recovery, 1000/400 recovery, 800/400 recovery, 600/200 recover, 400/200 recovery, 200/800 mosey recovery.

Tclaps to all who made it out today. It was pretty freaking cold out there today. But we sure warmed up quickly. Big Tclaps to all 7 pax who stubbornly finished this workout, despite YHC thinking we may need to cut it short. Crystal Lite sure wasn’t going to short change his morning, and Focker helped push him through. Mr. Winslow definitely wasn’t going for my offer to cut our final laps out. It’s this accountability and stubbornness that motivates me on days when I may lack my own motivation. It’s said often but never overstated: it’s truly an honor and a joy to post with you all. It’s gotten to the point that, though we all need built in rest days, YHC dreads the thought of those mornings. Hope to see you all tomorrow in the gloom.


PS- it’s not that cold, and there are ZERO workouts where you will lack for warmth once the Q gets Thangs going.

–Slim aka Prius

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