Station Mystery Q

  • Workout Date - 04/11/2015
  • Q In Charge - Cockroach
  • The PAX - Mr. Head, Alfred, Data, Snoop, Dumbledore (FNG), Deep Fried (FNG), Red Baron (FNG), Cockroach, Wilson, Lizard Lick, Grrr
  • AO -

9 PAX including 3 FNG’s (+2) gathered for a mystery Q at The Station.  (Why can’t we get a #VQ? Ahem, Stitch)  YHC didn’t have much of a plan for this workout so it was exciting to see how events unfolded.  YHC made the underwhelming announcement that he was the mystery Q and then it was time to warm up.

The Warm Up

SSH x 15

Merkins x 15

Maybe squats here? Can’t remember.

Smurf Jacks x 8

Alfred didn’t seem to think that YHC’s feet were moving enough during Smurf Jacks so extra effort was made by YHC to finish them out strong.  On an unrelated note… does anyone know what particular exercise Alfred despises the most?

The Thang

Mosey to the top of the park for some dips and LBCs.  Then mosey back towards the warm up area (hmmm there seems to be strangers in the amphitheater getting ready for the Greer International Festival so lets not go there).  Left turn behind the amphitheater and turn towards Main St.

Stop at Cannon Street for some flutters and continue to Main St. for some squats as the rest of the PAX gathers up.  Right turn towards Memorial UMC and there was some mumblechatter about not liking the direction we were heading.

Gather up at Memorial UMC and partner up for a coupon Dora.


Man Makers x 30

Merkins x 100

Curls x 200 (TRAIN!) 10 burpees

Chest Press x 300 (TRAIN!) 10 burpees

Wilson rightly noted that the Dora worked all the same upper body muscles.

YHC is always concerned about neglecting the lower body during a coupon Dora, so our FNG’s were introduced to Lt. Dan Taylor.  Lt. Dan was performed from the top of the Memorial parking lot to the road building up to 4 squats and 16 lunges.

Mosey back to Cannon St. for some flutters as the group gathers up.

Mosey back into the park and YHC notices workers with blowers working in the amphitheater so we headed to the picnic shelter as Grrr and Lizard Lick rumbled down the hill after attending LL’s Q at StarCommand.

So the 9 PAX +2 gathered in the picnic shelter for 20 derkins and 30 LBCs.

Mary for several minutes.  Several exercises were performed in cadence.

Mountain Climbers

Russian Twists


Dead Cockroach


Superman/Banana (get your shoulders off the ground says Alfred)

YHC got the impression that several had enough at this point so the workout was ended perhaps a minute early.


Welcome FNG’s (Bill) Deep Fried, (Treva) Dumbledore, and (Jose) Red Baron.

Jackelope 5.16.15

Spinx Runfest in October

Please remember all the prayer requests mentioned in the COT.

This Q was with a different crowd and was particularly fun.  I enjoyed working out with you guys.

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