Station Co-Q

  • Workout Date - 06/13/2015
  • Q In Charge - Cockroach / Stitch
  • The PAX - Stitch, Cockroach (YHC), Wally, PlayDoh, Lizard Lick, Grrr, Dirty Myrtle, Snowden
  • AO -
Triple Hate Stitch approached YHC recently with the idea of a Saturday morning Co-Q.  This is how it went down:
8 PAX rose early on a Saturday morning for a Cockroach / Stitch Co-Q beatdown.
Warm Up
SSH x 15
Mountain Climbers x 15
Smurf Jacks x 10
The Thang
YHC took the first half of the Q with coupons in mind.
Indian run to Main St. and drop for 25 LBCs. Mosey on to the church and everybody grab a coupon.
Everyone do 10 man makers and 10 block squats followed by a lap around half the block. Rinse and repeat AMRAP which ended up being 4 sets of ten (x2) and 4 laps. Finish with Flutters IC to 25.
Stitch (Triple Hate) took over starting with a short mosey to the Memorial parking lot island. Plank on the curb and shift to the left. Stop for ten Merkins OYO and then shift right to stop for 10 DC mountain climbers OYO.
Stitch led the PAX to the Greer FBC for Joe Hendricks to the top of the stairs with People’s Chair at the top.
Mosey on through town to the park and into the amphitheater. 11’s with shoulder touch Merkins at the bottom and squat jumps at the top.
Mosey to the luxurious Station Mary spot for several minutes of Mary.
Flutters x 25
Superman Banana
Plank Hand Slaps to 50
Erectors x 25
Dollie In & Out
TRAIN 10 Burpees
YHC had leave before COT but really enjoyed working out with this group of men.

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