Star Command and the Funk

  • Workout Date - 03/30/2016
  • Q In Charge - Mab Mab
  • The PAX - Maroon, Onion, Steamer, PSI, Peachoid, Penguin, Louganis, Mab Mab (YHC)
  • AO -

8 PAX showed up at Star Command to see what kind of FUNK YHC had in store for them. Was a good time, and a pretty good beatdown. Here’s the rundown:

Warm Up:
25 Imperial Walkers IC
1 Minute of Hamstring Stretches

The Main Thang:
Mosey with the Fire Hoses down to the soccer fields.

River of Burpees
Line the fire hoses up in parallel lines, 4 feet apart (this is the river)
Run and jump the river, the last two PAX to cross move the river 1 foot further apart
Once falling in the river, perform 20 Burpees OYO….and then 50 LBCs OYO.

Special Suicides
Starting at goal line- Bear Crawl to middle of soccer field.
Sprint to opposite goal line.
Lunge walk back to middle of soccer field.
Sprint to starting goal line.
Gorilla walk back to middle of soccer field.
Sprint to other goal line.
Broad jump to middle of soccer field.
Sprint back to starting goal line.

Plank-O-Rama when finished.
Heel Sitters (aka Squatty Potty) for 30 seconds

Head over to the grass hill separating the fields…take hoses with.

Ants On  A Log
Split into teams of 4. 2 PAX stand at top of hill holding the hose.
Other 2 PAX start at bottom of hill and pull themselves up the hill on the hose using only arm strength. When reach top, PAX up top rotates to bottom.
Continue rotation until all PAX complete 3 rotations.

Hosey Mosey back to parking lot- running with hose out to right arm, hose above head, and hose out to left.

50 Shoulder Taps IC
25 Cherry Pickin’ Arm Circles, palms up IC
25 Shoulder Swings IC
25 Weed Picking Arm Circles, palms down IC
30 Flutters IC
20 Manholes IC



Good job fellas! Always great to join you at the Star Command.

Mab Mab

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