Stairway to Heaven

  • Workout Date - 05/26/2016
  • Q In Charge - Perry Mason
  • The PAX - No Bars, Highwayman, Footloose, Grrr, Iceman, Almond Joy, Sega, iTunes, Slick Willy, Shep, Sheldon, Carcass, Bob Barker, Wally, Cockroach, Perry Mason, Blue Curacao (since he only made part of the workout, I'm only crediting him with one ingredient of the drink)
  • AO -

After the controversy Tuesday over Blue Hawaii’s role in the NSA fartsack, I thought I would take matters in hand and pick Blue up to make sure he made it safely to the Station for both the pre-run and the main event. So as I trekked the vast distance to his house and arrived at the agreed hour, I noticed no lights and had no texts. After waiting 5 minutes, YHC texted Blue to be there at 5:30 and booked it to the Station, where 4 PAX were waiting on me impatiently to get running. I was only able to get 28 minutes in, and the PAX kindly suggested that my run might not count towards F3 250, but I’m counting it. #QRulingsarefinal.

As we reached the start time, our numbers grew to 16, but still no Blue Hawaii.


SSH x 20
IW x 20

Mosey to Cannon Street and lunge walk down the hill towards the pond. Once there, we did 25 LBCs before running backwards all the way up Cannon towards Arlington. Time to get started.

Main Thang

Time for the Stairway to Heaven tour of Greer’s finest houses of worship. YHC informed the PAX we were doing a modified ring of fire where we circle in a plank while one PAX runs over to Joe Hendrix the steps to the church. When he returns the next PAX does the same. There was a lot of mumblechatter at this point. YHC called out a few exercises while we waited (and waited, and waited…). After a couple of minutes, YHC audibled to 2 PAX at a time since it did not seem we would get to the next stop on our tour otherwise. While going around the circle, we mixed it up with chillcut plank and Superman. Footloose blessed us with his vocal stylings for Superman. YHC was last in the circle, and when I made it to the stairs I realized they were a lot steeper than I thought, which was unfortunate since my arms were already smoked from 5 minutes of planking.

Now that the circle was complete, it was time to mosey to MUMC for round 2 of our tour. You guessed it – more Joe. The PAX did various exercises while 2 PAX took on this set of stairs. More mumblechatter about this being a thinly disguised “rinse and repeat” Blue Q. YHC told the PAX to be grateful we did not go with my original plan to do wall sits the whole time we waited.

Time to line up for another Indian Run to Greer 1st Baptist for – more Joe. These steps are more spacious, so we were able to get it done much quicker than the other stops on our tour. Time to head back to the park.

We stopped at the entrance for some DDDs: 25 dips, derkins, and 25 donkey kicks (on the Mutual Home Store wall across Cannon). As we are finishing that, who strolls up but Blue Hawaii. He claims he got there a few minutes after 5:30 and did a solo workout when he could not find us. #needtoseethesurveillancetape.

Blue joined in as we returned to the circle for Mary:

Back elbow plank (this sucks)
Box cutters


Memorial Day convergence at the Burbs. Dirtalope coming up on June 11. F3 Dads on June 18. I am of course out of town for all three, but you should definitely post if you are in town.

Prayers for improved health for Iceman’s dad. Continued prayers for comfort for Biofreeze’s uncle. Prayers for Caliendo and Olive.

Good work, men. Enjoyed it.

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