Stage Your Best Performance

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  • Workout Date - 09/29/2014
  • Q In Charge - Sushi
  • The PAX - One Direction, Murdoch, Macho Man, Tater Tot, Baby Seal, Retread, Scoop, Gymboree, Doughnut,
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10 Men started their Monday morning ready to put on their best performance at the Tower Of Terror. Sushi was the director of this show and wanted to make sure the PAX were properly warmed up.




Run to the 2nd stop sign and back (nice run Retread)

Chorus Line Kicks –Right Leg 30, Left Leg 30 (stretching for the later performance)

Run to the 2nd stop sign and back

Horse Riding Stance Punches 4 X 25 (don’t forget the twist at the end)


The Thang:

Half Mile run to the Amphitheatre and gather around the football stage.

Switch Leg Hops from ground to stage 4 X 20 (The critics call this exercise Stupid…not a good opening act!) Thanks Baby Seal

Traveling Merkins around the stage – 1 up, 1 down, 1 to the right X 7

To the stands for Box Jumps and Dips – 4 Hops up, 20 Dips down, Rinse and Repeat 3X

Parking Lot Lap and back to the stands for an Encore…the crowd loved us!

4 Hops up, 20 Dips down Rinse and Repeat 2X

Run to the football field to avoid the Autograph seekers

20 yard Bear Crawl

20 Yard Crab Walk (was that a 1D touchdown?)

20 Yard Ape Walk Left

20 Yard Ape Walk Right

20 Yard Inch Worm

Do we have enough room on the rail??? Could be a critical Q error….Murdoch did not want to miss the opportunity…over to the rail…30 Second underhand hang

Mosey back to the Tower…but wait more autograph seekers… a 1D inspired jail break to the stop sign. Now back to the Tower for 6 MOM

15 Oblique V-Ups left

15 Oblique V-Ups Right

15 Crab Crunches Left

15 Crab Crunches Right

25 LBCs 4 count

20 Crunchy Frogs 4 count

Twist Challenge – Nobody twists better than 1D


There were no Grammy or Oscars given out today only because the people that vote for those don’t get up at 5:30 AM to join the PAX!  YHC loved finishing in the rain.  This is a great location with many options.  Let’s headlock a few more and perform for a Sell-out crowd!


Praise for Hampton and Josia as they are doing better.  Mud Run is this Saturday.  Macho’s sister and husband safe travels back from China.  What is the scoop on Mary’s brother…we would know if he posted here!

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