St. Patrick's Day Pre-Blast – Wear you green to this one!

  • Workout Date - 03/17/2015
  • Q In Charge - SUSHI
  • The PAX - St. Patrick, Leprechaun, Anyone that is Irish, Anyone that wishes they were Irish, Anyone that is Irish 1 day a year, Anyone that wants to fight the Irish
  • AO -

YHC is inviting all PAX to celebrate his 1 Year Anniversary with F3 at Golden Strip Tuesday March 17th!

It has been one year since YHC had his first encounter with F3 Nation.  It came at the right time and all that was needed was a little nudge from 1D over a St. Patrick’s Day beverage.  A commitment was made and there has been no looking back since!  There is not a better group of men in the upstate that YHC has been associated with and to give back, this invitation is sent to all PAX to join in this celebration.

First – Wear Green – Any PAX not wearing green starts with 17 burpees!

Second – Learn an Irish Jig – This will be just a warm-up and YHC will provide the music.

Third – There will be Shamrocks and Potatoes involved – It will be creative…curious now???

There will be an Irish-American Shovel Flag planted at Golden Strip to mark the spot of the St. Patrick’s Day Beat Down.  Expect some Sushi regulars and some new exercises with an Irish Twist!  This will be a great day to bring an FNG and all PAX will not feel guilty about drinking a green beer or Irish Whiskey later in the day after this workout!

Thanks to the Men Of F3 for a Great Year…YHC Looks forward to tomorrow for more than one reason!

Sushi Out!

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