St. Patrick's Day Pre-Blast (Sushi 2 year anniversary)

  • Workout Date - 03/17/2016
  • Q In Charge - McSushi
  • The PAX - Leprechauns, Anyone who is Irish, Anyone who wants to be Irish, Anyone Irish for a day, anyone who wants to Fight the Irish, anyone who wants to get beat down by an Irishman
  • AO -

Are Leprechauns real?

It will be 2 years since YHC was headlocked by 1D at an Irish Pub in Greenville and no looking back.  Now YHC has two reasons to celebrate March 17th!  Plenty of memories this past year from the Jack-A-Lope, to the BRR and many CSUPs in between.  For those that came to last year’s Q, you have an idea of what is in store.  For those that have not, the following FAQ has been prepared:


  1. Do I have to wear Green?   Answer: There is no such thing as a stupid question, only stupid people asking questions.  Failure to wear green means 50 burpees to start.
  2. Will Sushi come right from a pub to Q this workout?  Answer: No, YHC has not had a drink since New Year’s Eve (Pitchfork remembers).  That will be rectified at the end of the workout! (see Q9)
  3. Will there be Shenanigans taking place? Answer:  See first part of answer#1
  4. What time do the Shenanigans start?  Answer: 5:30am sharp, Pre run at 5:10
  5. Where does this spectacular event take place? Answer: The Golden Strip, where all Leprechauns hide their gold, at the end of the rainbow was just a rumor to throw people off.
  6. Do we have to listen to Sushi’s Irish History Lesson?  Answer: This will be educational both physically and mentally.
  7. Is this only for the Golden Strip?  Answer:  No, all AO’s are invited and encouraged to attend.  The record for PAX at GS is in the 50’s, not sure if that will be broken, but we are shooting for it!  Get up a little early if you are a Powder Kegger, it will be worth the trip.
  8. Sushi has such great playlists…Will there be Irish Music?  Answer:  Of Course…if you have any requests, shoot them over and they will be considered.
  9. Will there be an Irish Toast at the end?  Answer:  Has there ever been a time when Sushi has been at a loss for words?  Never answer a question with another question…Yes, everything required for the proper toast will be provided to send you off into the day with the right attitude.

YHC hopes this helps clear things up.  As to the rumors about 5 LB bags of potatoes, Lucky Charms, and a Pot Of Gold…you will have to be there to confirm any suspicions.  This will be a full body workout with Irish themed exercises.  YHC expects the Mumble Chatter is in full effect on this day, bonus point to all that do it with an Irish accent!

Spread the word and look to twitter for daily updates!  Plenty of parking and plenty of space for a crowd.

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