Squince and the Ninja back flip

  • Workout Date - 11/05/2015
  • Q In Charge - Hermie
  • The PAX - Bunyan (as in Paul), Squeal, Cataract, Squince the Ninja, Flay, Clapper, Rusty, Romeo (John Banks- FNG to Greenville, anyway), Homeward Bound, Sanchez, FNG Don Jackson- Phantom, FNG's Elliott Gilmer, Hays Sherman, and Hayden Brown- now known as the three amigos; (Elliott Gilmer-Dusty Bottoms, Hays Sherman- Ned Nederlander, and Hayden Brown- Lucky Day)
  • AO -

15 rolled out and rolled up for a good time with Hermie.

SSH x20
IW x 20
Burpees 10 oyo
SSH x 10

mosey to dugouts, balls to the wall, partner up.

partner #1- wall sit
partner #2- #15 ct ‘merkins with a reach to the sky in cadence.
switch, switch again, switch again, you get the point….each partner did #60 ‘merkins

mosey to the outfield fence for some Montross 11’s. Burpees on one side of the fence, 4 ct russian twist on the other side. Whoa- that just happened! Squince impressed the crowd of veterans and FNG’s as he literally did a back flip over the fence after his first set of 10 burpees. It was cat-like, ninja-like, and painful all at the same time. And with that, the standard was set.

mosey back past the dugouts, balls to the wall on the way out, and over to the tennis courts.

Partner up for some of Flay’s star drill.
Partner 1 runs the star from the middle to each corner of the tennis court and to each mid line (8 pointed star) while partner 2 does stationary exercise. First set was flutter. Second set was star with in and outs.

Line up on the baseline for some arc loader: changing drill at each tennis court- bear crawl, crab walk, duck walk, frog jump, sprint last court

Line up for some Hermie worm crawling. (Frog jump, walk out pushup, walk up and repeat).

Finish up with MOM by Squince
Plank, plank some more, plank until it sucked, plank while it sucked, plank while it really sucked, plank while squince was laughing at everybody hating life.

11/19 Convergence at Bon Securs for toys for tots
12/12 Christmas party

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