Spy Wednesday

  • Workout Date - 03/23/2016
  • Q In Charge - wahoo
  • The PAX - Space Cowboy, MASH, Overdraft, Crunchy, Mater, Mario, Skimmer, SemiSnooze, Two Stroke, THicks,
  • AO -

YHC was pretty excited about this Q. I woke at 3am without an alarm, probably due to all the evening caffeine I was consuming the night before. Anyway, three more cups of coffee left me ready to tear a phone book in half by 5:30 am, so we started the workout with vigor. Being the middle of Holy Week, a little Wiki Search led me to create the following workout acrostic:

Warmup – SSH x20, MC x20, Windmills x20

The Thang:

Jacob’s Ladder up to 7 burpees
Up/Downs with high knees x10
Donkey Kicks OYO x 20
ATMs 15 each (shoulder touches, tempo merkins, fast merks)
SSH Burpees 5/2 x 10

Bay City Scissors x10
Empty Wheelbarrow x50 yards
Tooth Fairy x 4 flights total
Hydraulic Monkey Humpers x20
Alabama Ass Kickers 25 SC each leg
Nolan Ryan x20 each arm
“Yeah” song by Usher Featuring Ludacris and Space Cowboy. In perhaps the greatest “Welcome To Facebook” moment in my F3 experience, 53 year old Space Cowboy channeled his inner Ludacris and sang every lyric to this song while the pax planked and did plank jacks and mountain climbers. I ended up with that image in my head all day.

Newton’s Cradle IC x15
Alphabet A-Z
Rosalita/Russian Twist/Reverse Crunch 15/20/20 ic
Dolly x15

11 pax had a great time spelling out the themes of “Spy Wednesday” – the day before Maundy Thursday. We read from Mark 14:3-11, learning that, in this day, Jesus was in BETHANY, had his feet annointed with NARD, and JUDAS agreed to betray Jesus for 30 pieces of silver, the going rate for a slave at the time.

BB&T 4th Annual Connector Run in Anderson this saturday 3/26, to Benefit AIM and in Honor of David Martoccia, MD (died of ALS). Registration is still open. Go online at GoGreenEvents. YHC is the only F3 guy that I know of signed up so far.

Dinner with the Ms at Sullivan’s April 16th, no 2.0s

Race the Helix – Also April 16th in Mauldin – to benefit the Greenwood Genetics Center.

COT – what is said in the COT stays there, but this was probably the best COT I’ve been a part of – really embodying what F3 is all about – allowing men who are broken and hurting to be vulnerable, and the get built up and supported by other men. In another town, in other decades, these issues would be bottled up until marriages blew apart or drinking got out of control or someone spiraled into suicide. It was very humbling to get down on our knees and pray for help, to lay on hands. Also prayers for those traveling, for discernment in leadership, and for those in Europe struggling with yet another attack and slaughter.

It is always a privilege to lead these workouts, especially in this week, when Thursday and Friday and Sunday get all the attention. The other days matter, too. Until next time.

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