Spring Training at The Station

  • Workout Date - 12/11/2023
  • Q In Charge - Alfred
  • The PAX - No Bars, Natty Light, Natty (Daddy), Perry Mason, Stitch, Cockroach, Highwayman, Slick Willy, Grrr, Almond Joy, Clippers, Wally, Alfred
  • AO -

13 men denied the sack and posted at #TheStation on this glorious spring like morning. 3 of which got in a little pre-run beforehand.

Warm Up

SSH x 20 IC
Up / downs
Merkins x 10 IC

YHC informs the PAX we’re going to have a little spring training today. Let’s mosey!

The Thang

Mosey down to the Cannon Centre lot. Can’t have spring training without suicides. Everyone lines up along the parking lines for instructions:

Suicide run to every parking line and back to the start where you will complete X number of burpees according to line number. 10 lines = 20 sprints and 55 Burpees.

Make our way over to the wall for a 1-minute wall sit with some LBAC (Little Baby Arm Circles) IC.

Mosey over to Cannon St. and plank up in two lines across the road. On my call group 1 sprints up the street to the cross road. YHC joins group 2 and we sprint up shortly after group 1. Continue our mosey to the main entrance for 20 dips and 10 derkins.

Finally, mosey over to the big field for some cone agility drills. YHC thought we would work on some agility training today to switch it up a bit and get some of those under exercised muscle groups. 5 stations were set up and waiting for us.

Station 1: X-Drill

Station 2: Pro Agility Shuttle

Station 3: Run – Shuffle – Run

Station 4: Cone Alley V.1

Station 5: Cone Alley V.2

PAX split up into a few per station and started rotating through. As PAX started to bottleneck in certain stations, merkins were added after station 3, and squats after station 5.  The PAX rotated through the nations probably 4-5 times before moving on to the next activity: Kindergarten partner exercises.

Partner up with Stitch being left solo (#bustedwing). Line up down the field for… Wheelbarrow with your partner half way across the field, switch and continue until you reach the sidewalk. Leap frog back to where we started. Rinse & Repeat.

6 minutes left, so we mosey back to the circle for Mary.


Flutter Kicks x 30 IC
Freddy Mercury x 10 IC
LBC x 10 IC
Erectors x 20 IC
Plank for 45 seconds to finish out.


Good to be back out Qing. YHC was sucking wind (like always). Good effort and encouragement by all the PAX. Keep EHing guys and call out the guys you know stopped showing.

Prayers & Announcements

  • Pray for No Bars church and pastor selection
  • Pray for Walker #WalkerStrong
  • Kiawah Marathon / Half Marathon – 12.10.16. F3 Group rate $55. Need to sign up before 6/1. Contact me or f3swamprabbit for details.

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