Spring Time Temps

  • Workout Date - 02/09/2015
  • Q In Charge - Bartman
  • The PAX - SpeedWalker (Florence PAX), ZipIt, Footloose, Snowden, GoldenSombrero, Holla, 00, Radar, QuiQui, SlapChop, Wiki, Martina, Plato
  • AO -

With the smell of Spring in the air 14 strong rejected the thought of laying around and got moving.

Warm Up:
First exercise is…….SmurfJacks x 10
Merkins x 10
LBC’s x 20
Imperial Walkers x 15
Mosey behind the AO towards the coupon pile. Partner up:

The Burbian Thang:
Each team grabs 1 cinder block. YHC took this one from Hooties play book. The Burbs doesn’t have a beautiful suspension bridge to run across (Liberty) but that doesn’t stop us from bringing the heat on a gorgeous Monday morning! The PAX was up for the Liberty 500 challenge to say the least. It went something like this, YHC threw out the exercises and the count….initially it was going to be a combined count to 100….YHC was informed that the Liberty 500 was not a combined count and that each PAX had to complete the 100 reps…..OK, moving on now that we determined each PAX will complete the 100 reps of each exercise YHC went into the exercises themselves…..
High Knee Jumps x 100 (no objections from the PAX)
Merkins x 100 (no objections from the PAX)
LBC’s x 100 (no objections from the PAX)
YHC couldn’t think of the 4th exercise (Weinke needed) so the PAX decided that Hand Release Merkins would fit nicely into the rotation
Hand Release Merkins x 100 (OUCH!! This felt like it took forever!!)
Russian Twist x 100 (no objections from the PAX)
The Burbian twist that was added to the Liberty 500 was that there would be coupons involved. Partner 1 ran round the median and back while carrying the coupon, handed the coupon to partner 2 and the rotation continued until each person completed the 500 reps. The coupon was awful, awkward and by the end straight up misery!

Plank exercises
In & Outs x 20
Flutters x 20

Arc Loader: YHC swiped this from a Flay workout.
Bear crawl up the hill (Mud Run prep), sprint to the fence and back to the hill
Crab walk back down the hill
Rinse and Repeat

Mosey back to the scene of the Beatdown for a, belly start, Jail Break back to the SF’s.

Naken Moleskin:
The PAX was fired up this morning. Great to see everyone putting it into low gear, carrying coupons, and grinding out this workout.
Special Welcome to Speed Walker (Florence PAX)! It was great having you and enjoy the Main Thang tomorrow! The AO will not disappoint!
Guys were lining up BRR teams! I believe the Team Footloose is Q’ing already has 10 HC. Great work and keep it up!!
Hand Release Merkins HURT!!

Drifter has come and gone…Congrats to everyone who competed/ran, you will stop getting 3 emails a week Radar
Mud Run sign up is open: Talk to Earthmover or MabMab about details
5/1 GHS Swamp Rabbit 5k, Great Opportunity to PR. Straight shot from TR into Greenville
Reach out to your accountability partner. It works but you have to be intentional about reaching out to the other person.

Prayer Requests:
Continue to lift Golden’s parents

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