Spring Conditioning at The Station

  • Workout Date - 03/03/2015
  • Q In Charge - Blue Hawaii
  • The PAX - Johnny 5 Bio Lizard Erector Alejandro Playdoe Spring break Cockroach Bib Qui qui Alfred Mrs Doubtfire No strings Footloose Wally
  • AO -

16 Pax showed up for YHCs conditioning drills on a Tuesday!! Yhc was super stoked to try out the new Get Better equipment bought yesterday! Qui Qui and Bio joined YHC for a warmup with a 2 Mile 2nd F Pace run. This is how it went down on a Tuesday! Song is stuck sorry hehe


20x Ssh
20x IW
10x Slow Merkins

Let’s mosey to the front of City Hall for some Football spring conditioning workouts!

The Main Thang

YHC lead the Pax to the front of City Hall for a Suprise 4 corners. Oh wait there’s a curb..circle of Merkins!

YHC then explained the Amrap 4 corner beatdown. Divide up into two groups one team will start at station 1 for sled work and the other group will start with the 40lb rope work! While one pax is comepleting each station the other pax would run and listen for YHCs next exercise! Constant movement. The pax completed over 200 core exercises and 100 mountain climbers, Lunge walks and burpees not including the 4 corners. 4 corners consisted of the sled that is used for speed drills 55 pounds of plates! Pull the sled to the cones and back roughly about 50 yards. Second corner was a shoulder workout with a 25 pound plate 7s! 7 rows, 7over both shoulders and 7 presses. 3rd corner was 40lb rope exercise consisted of 10 arm throws alternating arms, 10 inside, 10 outside and 10 arms together! Shoulders smoked! To finish the Corners laid two sets of Dumbbells one 20lb and a 25lb. The pax did 10 man makers with the dumb bells. Rinse and repeat until 6:10. The Pax then lined up for time trials on the sled. Not enough time to get everyone in so YHC decided to audible to line up for a 100ydish sprint and back!


Name o ramo..what’s that I hear yep stupid train 10 burpees OYO!

Praise for Erectors God Father.
Continued Prayers for Erectors friends daughter.
Continued Prayers for those possibly effected by the apartment Fire close to the burbs yesterday

Pray for lizard lick and M as they go for ultra sound this week.

Great work out of all the Pax this morning especially Alejandro 2nd consecutive workout he was an FNG yesterday for GCODs 2500 smokefest at the burbs

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