Spring Break Warmup

  • Workout Date - 11/17/0002
  • Q In Charge - Slug
  • The PAX - Flow Ryder, BOGO, Quaker, Fargo, Partner, Beanie Weenie, Woodwind, FDIC, 12th Man, Abacus, Slug
  • AO -

YHC sent out a preblast on groupme yesterday after looking at the weather.  The trusty weather app on my phone promised rain this am and since I had drill this past weekend I told the PAX that I didn’t have time to modify the workout to get out of the rain and to prepare to get wet.  Luckily, the weather app on my phone was wrong, unfortunately I think I scared off some of the PAX as the numbers this a.m. were lower than usual (11) for the Alley.  I told the PAX that it was time to start preparing for spring break so we would do a full body beatdown.  Here is what we did:

-SSH X 15 IC
-Goofballs X 15 IC
-Windmill (Slow) X 10 IC
-Merkin X 10 IC

The Thang:
Partner up and mosey to block pile, everyone grab coupon and continue around the track back to the SF (that makes 1 full lap).  From here we do a Dora.  One partner does workout, other partner runs under bleacher for 3 pullups then back to relieve partner.  The exercises (all performed with block) were as follows:

-100 Chest Press with V-Up
-200 Squirrels (Squat with Curl)
-300 Lat Pulls

**I wanted to be sure BOGO got in a healthy dose of pull ups since they are a part of his new years resolution.  I didn’t keep track of how many pull ups I ended up doing, but it was a lot and it sucked once the lat pulls began!

Next more muscle building fun with the blocks (repeat for two rounds):

-Tricept Extension X 10 IC
-Romanian Deadlift X 15 IC
-Calf Raises on Block X 15 IC
-Shoulder Shrugs X 15 IC

Grab blocks and return them to the pile and complete lap around the track back to SF for Mary.

5 MOM:
-WWI Sit up X 15
-Flutter X 20 IC
-American Hammer X 15 IC
-In & Outs X 10 IC

-Get in your requests for February Q dates.  Groupme message to come out soon with available dates.
-Feb 4th is the Dangler

Prayer Requests:
-Abacus’s daughter going to the doctor this week about her legs.
-Slug’s dog of 14 years can’t walk and may have to make tuff decision
-Slug’s mother & mother-in-law health issues


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