Last Day – Spring '14 Mud Run Registration is OPEN

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The USMC Ultimate Challenge Mud Run is the F3 Nation “Super Bowl,” only better because it happens twice a year. Our next opportunity is Saturday, April 12th, 2014 at the Leatherneck course near Columbia, SC.

We have reserved a block of priority F3 starting times with the Mud Run organizers. Each region has already estimated how many slots F3 will need. Starting times earned by high finishes in the Fall run will be honored.

Registration and payment this year is a little different than years past. We’re trying to overcome some past issues and make it easier on the organizers and smoother for the teams. Please read the instructions carefully. There are three registration options, and the form is below:

1. Team Captains may register and pay for entire teams. Team Captain must know all info for each team member
2. Individuals can register themselves and indicate their team
3. Individuals can register as “free agents” and will be assigned teams in their Region

If you are not already on a team — or don’t know your team — go ahead and REGISTER as an individual free agent, so you can be counted in the total. This is important.

Registration fees are $55 per person/$220 per team and the deadline is Wednesday, November 13th. These fees reflect the increased registration fee charged by the Mud Run this year as well as PayPal processing fees we incur while collecting from F3ers. Registration is considered a “hard commit” with no guarantee of refund should you be unable to compete, even if your slot is filled by a free agent. If you register and cannot meet your commitment, it’s your responsibility to your team and your Region to find a replacement.

Transportation will be arranged by each region as we get closer to April. Bus charter and “sundries” in past years has cost in the $40-$50 per person range. This will be collected separately from the registration fees, and later.

This year, we have decided to honor Operation Enduring Warrior with a donation from F3 Nation. They support wounded soldiers, particularly amputees. You may have seen them at the Fall Mud Run or other events running the course in full military gear and gas masks. Several of their group compete with prosthetics and one has no legs at all. There is a block on the registration form to make a donation. $5-$10 per person as an add on is suggested, but feel free to donate more, less, or nothing at all. It’s completely optional. We will make the donation at a brief “big check” ceremony after the mud run. More information can be found at the link below.

Finally, we have set up a dedicated email account for Mud Run issues and coordination. Please use it!


Registration Form:

Email Address for questions/issues:

Operation Enduring Warrior:

USMC Mud Run:


21 thoughts on “Last Day – Spring '14 Mud Run Registration is OPEN”

  1. Nice Q work on this, Cola boys!

    Team Undercarriage — myself, 6 Mike, Kit Carson and Sweeper Boy — will be representing #F3Mediocrity right smack-dab in the middle of the pack, and proud of it!

    1. The goals are to assist in assigning subs when people have to drop out at the last minute. That way someone like me dosent end up on Chaser’s team at the last minute.

  2. RDU coming in hot. Looking forward to all three F’s. Very appreciative of the organizers, but much more appreciative of Operation Enduring Warrior.
    See you in April, gentlemen.

  3. team sexual chocolate will be leading from the middle at the highlight athletic event of 2014. I expect not to be as interested in the winter olympics due to my anticipation of this endeavor. Might skip the figure skating and the bipath…beatpath..bpetha… that thing where they ski and shoot all together

  4. In, paid. Suggestion: please tag this post as National, Metro, and Events and Races, so it shows up in national (main) feed. Was a bear to find on my phone. Great sign up form and info too, very well done.

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