Spongebob's Deck o' Death makes it to the Tankyard

  • Workout Date - 07/08/2014
  • Q In Charge - Hermie
  • The PAX - Beavis, Montross, Rocky Top, Rusty, Snipit, Bunyan, FNG-Flo (Ryan Miller), Santiago, Sanchez, Cataract, Angina, Sherpa, Scuba Steve, Hard Hat, Clapper, FNG- Zipit (Jeremy Warren), Holla, Madaff, Brady Bunch, Squeal, Frankenrider
  • AO -

22 showed up for a post-4th-of-july-week-off-work-out

19 got started with some buprees until the Q rolled in late #thanksfortheridesnipit, and of course Frankenrider rolled in last.

Quick warmup #10 burpees

Mosey to tennis court for Deck o’ Death: (# on card = # of exercise, Jack=11, Queen =12, King =13, Ace = 14)
Spades- Burpees
Hearts – ‘Merkins
Clubs- Ferry jacks
Diamonds – 4 ct. LBC’s

After every 5 cards were turned and the workout was completed, quick mosey around the tennis courts


Madaff-#21 Russian twist
Clapper-#21 reverse mountain climbers #thesesucked
Cataract-#26 flutter
Bunyan- what do you think he did???
Rusty- Freddy Mercury #30


Thanks to Spongebob for an easy to lead, but brutal to perform workout. After participating in his Q the saturday (6/28) before heading to the beach, I intended to repeat the deck o’ death at some point the next week on my own while on vacation. Never happened…until July 8 after vacation was over.

3rd F- Wednesdays at 11:45-12:30, next to Tupelo Honey downtown.
Sign up for the F3 Superbowl- USMC Mudrun
Erector’s surgery went well (yes, the same Erector that was working out at Legacy for Spongebob’s Deck o’ Death on Saturday, June 28 had surgery the following week)
Brady Bunch’s step-daughter delivering twins this am

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  1. Glad to see it worked out for you! It is one of those workouts that the Q doesn’t have to prep much for, but still results in a complete BEATdown.

    Sadly, I can’t take credit for it completely. I mighta stole it from a Biggest Loser episode I saw.

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