Splashing the Merlot and Spittin’ Game

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  • Workout Date - 03/22/2018
  • Q In Charge - Hot N Ready
  • The PAX - Latika, Sherpa, Weed Wacker, Stewie, PETA, Hootie, Santiago, Three Buck Chuck, Inspector Gadget, Faaa-breeze, Hot N Ready
  • AO - Main Thang

11 PAX showed – one by one at 5:15 to a brisk cold morning for a Beating to Boost their Morale.

36 degrees > #fairweatherfans

Warm – Up

Side Straddle Hop – IC X 25 (thought about going to fiddy)

Imperial Walkers – IC X 25

Burpees – oyo X 10

Mosey to Mcbee corner

Merkins – x 10

Mosey to Caviar and Bananas – Where is Caviar?  Probably doing Yoga in Indiana

Lunges – all the way to Richardson parking garage.  Planks at end.  #Santiagoonemorethanhootie

Take it to the top of Richardson parking garage- hit every step

Merkins X 10

Descending to each floor for some beatings

Freddie Mercury X 40 SC

Overhead clap X 50 IC

Squats X 20 oyo

Derkins X 15 oyo

People’s Chair – 75 sec hold – arms out 15 secs

Merkins X 10 oyo

Burpees at the bottom X 10 oyo

take it back to the top and then straight back down

Did someone splashing some merlot?  Fake News.  YHC almost did.

Planks at bottom

Mosey to Grace Stairs

Race with partners to the top and back down X 3

#whobrokewind?!?!  #santiago #Faaabreeze

Mosey to Parking lot on Broad – below PC

Wall ups X 10 oyo

Squats x 10 oyo


mosey to Japanese Dogwood lane

on the bars – hanging alternating hand grips X50 – SC oyo

Bar jumps X10

Pull ups – X10 – alternating hand grips X5 each way

Mosey to the Stairs

Joe Hendrix – grumblings….”I knew it!”




Mosey back to the Main Thang

Buddy Carry – back and forth from benches X3 per person

Wheelbarrow – same


Done.  Could’ve been worse…


Inspector Gadget is taking F3 T shirt orders.  Get with him to place your size to the order.

Sign-up to Q in the next couple weeks.

Prayer Requests

The group rucking the Palmetto 200

all the unspoken

Very proud of the hard work, physically and mentally, our PAX put out today.  Proud and humbled to Q a solid strong group of men!  Thank you!

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