Spice World

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  • Workout Date - 07/27/2015
  • Q In Charge - Posh $pice
  • The PAX - Cockroach, No Strings Attached, Schneider, Play Dough, Pledge, Wilson, Earth Mover, Trumpet (respect), Kipper the Dog, Slap Chop, Posh $pice
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Spice World: Spice up your life!

YHC has had his life spiced up many times recently by his fellow PAXs’ presence that we are blessed with in the gloom. That being said, I felt compelled to return the favor to you extraordinary gentlemen. You guys made the workout what it was…fun and rewarding. Let’s keep pushing each other. Life=$piced

SSH: 25 IC
Merkins: 20 IC #forgetmeknot
High knee jumps: 20 OYO
Freddie Mercuries: 25 IC

Mosey to pull up bars:
Count off 1’s and 2’s
Everybody is a spice girl this morning.
First spice girl: 10 pull-ups
Second spice girl: 10 burpees
Plank when done.
Four rounds.

First: hang on bar/dry dock #drydockmore
Second: run around church
Plank when runners return.
Two rounds.

Mosey to blocks:
FSG: 10 wall jumps (Pledge and YHC used the highest part of the wall…hate, hate.)
SSG: 10 speed skaters each leg

FSG: Joe Hendrix
SSG: People’s Chair: Arm exercises led by Earth mover, thanks bro!
Flapjack, rinse and repeato for other group
FSG: Joe Hendrix
SSG: balls to the wall
Flapjack, rinse and repeato
6 inches till everyone finishes
20 leg throws each
10 burpees everybody OYO

FSG: 10 wall jumps (We both opted for shortish wall, injury free, but shamefully.)
SSG: 10 speed skaters each leg
Jail break/try to jail break for Mary

50 mountain climbers OYO
50 double count flutters OYO
15 Russian twists IC
15 Rosalitas IC
15 Dolly’s IC
10 Dying cockroaches IC with Cockroach himself; ’twas an honor and we’re still alive and well!

BRR, Blue Ridge Relay-September 11th and 12th. Slow N’ Low short a runner so feel free to step up if you can. It’s not really that hard, either…you can! 😜

Michelin 5k: Ring of Fire/Beastside/Java Jolt/etc showdown. Should be epic, trust me, these guys run…a lot. Good work fellas!

Some time in Sept.: Spartanburg Y has a military/policeman four man team event, $100 per team, multi stage event, lots of fun.  Kipper the Dog is looking to get a flyer.

Any vacationers in Myrtle Beach, Earth Mover recommends that you join a workout. Good group of guys with 2/3s locals and a third of people from different adjacent AOs.

Praise Him for good health and vibes.¬†Unspoken prayer requests, we all have a few. These may not be acknowledged in detail, but all brothers have them. I’m praying for you guys.

Always a pleasure to lead you fellas! I hope that each of you get what you want out of F3, in all Fs or the one F that brings you to the workouts. You guys are the Fin reason I’m there, and you provide the other Fs! I posted a link to a post from F3 JD from Lake Murray, S.C. Not sure where I stumbled upon this, but it was a really good read. I’m sure our F3 brothers shared it with us in mind. He really hits the nail on the head with the surprise of what F3 can do for you, and the improvements it brings throughout our lives. Thanks JD, and thanks to all our brothers for getting up to enjoy our daily downPAINment! See you guys in the gloom!


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