Spartan Race — Sprint, April 9, 2016

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The Spartan Sprint returns to Charlotte on April 9 and we want F3 to be the biggest, fastest team in attendance. Here is what you need to know.

This is the Sprint distance race. That is somewhere between 4 and 5 miles with about 12 obstacles.  Breaking one hour is a good time.  Our elite guys will be out in front bringing it in well below that, but us mere mortals should count on an hour plus depending on how much you want to step on the gas.

Speaking of stepping on the gas. This course is at Potter Farms in Concord.  It is flat (compared to the Whitewater Center) and fast.  With the short distance thisis a chance to open it up and turn on the speed if you are so inclined.

Or if not… this is also a good course for just pushing yourself to whatever you can do.

The Sprint is the perfect race for you, whether your are brand new to obstacle races or a seasoned veteran.  For new runners, you will have loads of experienced brothers out there to help you along if you need it.

Spartan races get crowded late in the day. RUN EARLY.  Spartan offers three levels, ELITE who run first in one wave and have a wide open course.  COMPETITIVE who run after the elites and have an open course unless they run down the elites.  OPEN who run after the competitors.  If you choose to run in the open heats sign up for the earliest start time you can.

This is an individually timed race with a team element. OUR TEAM IS “F3 NATION”.  Make sure you sign up under that team.  That will get you are placed in the same heat with the other F3 men running this race.

There is a DISCOUNT CODE. Use “F3NATION15” in the coupon code area of the registration.  This will get your 15% off the registration price.  It is good for all three levels of race. Here is a link for registration.

Many in F3 are experienced obstacle race participants. The Spartan is distinguished by physically challenging obstacles and time consuming penalties for failing an obstacle.  Don’t worry, if you can last through an one hour Saturday morning F3 boot camp, you can run this race respectably.

If you are new to this, it is a great chance to test your physical abilities and mental toughness. This isn’t a regular road race.  You will need to climb, crawl, jump, lift, pull, and run to cross this finish line.  It is great fun.

So to repeat the basics:

Date: Saturday, April 9.


Discount Code: F3NATION15

Register Here:

Questions? Hit me at

That is all.



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