Spartan Beast Announcement — Team F3

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Here it is men!  The monster of obstacle races in our backyard.  November 9, 2013 in Wynnsboro South Carolina.

beast pictureSpartan Beast is a 13+ mile race that is as hard as anything we are likely ever to do. Spartan estimates winning time in the 3 hour range.  F3 intends to bring the biggest baddest team this race has ever seen.

Here is what you do:

1) Start your registration at this page:

2) You will need to use or create an account to register.  Go ahead and do that.

3) Sign Up for the 8:30 confirmed start time.  It costs a little more but is well worth it to run on a fresh course without backups.

4) At check out use the following coupon code: F3BeastSC2013.  We have 50 slots at the discounted price, so get on this quick.

5) Confirm that you received a $74 discount on the price. 

6) Post below that you have signed up. Provide real name as well so we can track it on the Spartan roster.

7) Train up.  This is no joke. 

In the event you need convincing, here are some reasons to do this:

1. The Beast is the toughest obstacle race on the planet.  Bragging rights on this don’t expire until December 31.  You get nearly two months to talk about how awesome you are for running this one.

2. Tough Mudder is on November 2.  Do these back-to-back weekends and your street cred skyrockets. 

3. Thunder Road is November 16.  This November trifecta is one for the ages!

4. If you have already run a Spartan Sprint and Super this year then you have this on the line. Don’t let it slip away.



5.  Most importantly: the Second F.  This is a long hard race.  Do it with your brothers who will see you through. 



Stay tuned for additional logistical information as Beast day approaches. 

If you have question/concerns email Spooky Jon at

14 thoughts on “Spartan Beast Announcement — Team F3”

  1. Registered….BTW, for those who want to know (there are countless I’m sure) I’m the handsome one above ready to play 9 after the Super @ Wintergreen

    Aye! Aroo!

    Still not credentialed to say Spearhead…..

  2. Spooky Jon:

    Against all logic, I am in. I promise to reduce some body weight this month so Team F3 can throw me over, under and through the various obstacles.

    Others registered for Team F3 include Dear Abby and Exit (Allen West). Disney may have registered as well.

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