Souvenir Delivery #2

  • Workout Date - 11/30/2017
  • Q In Charge - Thumper
  • The PAX - Gymboree, Fred, ACA, Flo, Commodore, Ron Swanson, Cyclone, Benign, Road Trip, Schnitzel (3B & Mayo did just rucky things)
  • AO - Golden Strip

Arrived at GS to see one early bird there, and 2 ruckers who were finishing their ruck and starting their snuggle time with the sadness generator.    Ran out to grab a tire for my plans and many more had arrived.     Picked up a few souvenirs in my business/family travels, kudos the the boys at the hills of dunes west for the first portion of this work out.

Enough of the chit chat…

Mission: 99%

Disclaimer: Better than the side of a pack of Marboro’s


30 x SSH IC (spirited)

30 x IW IC

30 x DBs IC

mosey to play ground

round 1

5 pull ups

15 jerkins  (yes, that is an exercise.  soon to be world wide)

round 2

5 pull ups

15 jerkins

20 squats

round 3

5 pull ups

15 jerkins

20 squats

round 4

5 pull ups

15 jerkins

20 squats IC

(Pax were supposed to add 5 windshield wipers, but the Q goofed and I interrupted my poorly articulated instructions)

Round 5

5 pull ups

15 jerkins

20 squats ic

5 windshield wipers

Round 6

5 pull ups

15 jerkins

20 squats IC

5 windshield wipers

Mosey around the back of the school, jump over imaginary chain in the path (more fun than I could have anticipated, Fred was like a gazelle), around the building to the front of the straight drive in front of the school

It’s not a race, but it’s a race.  Split into teams, Team 1 proceeded to push the vertically aligned, GS Tire (that SOB is so big it needs a name, seriously, it is henceforth known as  Timmy the Tire), which was also filled with 140# worth of dumbbells, down the drive to the end, roll the tire till each PAX was cooked, then another takes over.   Team 2 bear crawled the length of the drive to the end.    Flip flop for the trip back.   Winner of each heat gets MOM.


50 Flutters IC

2 min plank

5 more jerkins at a maliciously slow pace w/o releasing the high plank

30 x LBC IC




Grinch 5K

F3 Christmas dinner.   Register or you’re a commie.

LWBF , pay attention, your happy meal sized donation, can make a hell of an impact    click here and check it out, or you’re a commie who hates puppies, kittens, AND eagles

Gideons House Breakfast, more details to follow.


None mentioned, but there were plenty thought.


  1.  it’s fun to Q @ GS.   Commodore, Gymboree, Flo, and Fred are usually there and give 4000%, as did the others
  2. Ron Swanson may be the Usain Bolt of bear crawling
  3. Timmy the tire is no joke

As always, it is an honor to lead, and that is no platitude with this group of men.



PS    2 different  FiA ladies than showed up Sat, in the latest from lu lu lemon rolled up asking where RT was again, right after he left,  and had sort of creepy, Al Franken/Roy Moore tone to their inquiry.   It was PF weird, so……normal.

Do your thing, Swamp Bot, you rock.





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