Souvenir Delivery #1

  • Workout Date - 11/25/2017
  • Q In Charge - Thumper
  • The PAX - Pythagoras, Whisper, Deflated, LookOutBelow, Road Trip, Church Lady, Benign, Reborn, Cheese Steak
  • AO - Pitchfork

10 PAX kicked the sack in the sack and showed up for PF Saturday, including Reborn in from Rock Hill.    I had a grab bag of souvenirs from my business/Thanksgiving trips, 1st delivery was today with some modification of some pearls from Bedrock (F3 Charleston).      The thing that was appealing about the exercises is that they go to failure, and incorporate eccentric contractions, which I’ve heard is very good for you (and sucks).     So much chit chat, on with the show.

Mission: A+

Disclaimer:  like the massey prenump


SSH IC x 50 spirited pace

IW IC x 42?

Dancing Bears IC x 40?

Native American Run to track, 2 laps

Jerkins (Ranger merkin, then spread fingers, like jazz hands, and point outward from body), yes this will be submitted to the F3 Exercise Glossary

10 Jerkins

Hold 6 inch plank to failure, then line up in order of when you dropped, then hold another 6 inch plank to failure waterfall style (you drop when the man to your right drops)

Then  10 x 10 second down jerkins IC, or till woman noises were heard

2 lap Native American Run…..then to the pull up bars

5 pull ups

then hold the halfway point of standard pull up to failure, last man standing style.    Line up back on the bars in order of when you dropped, then waterfall with the halfway hold…..again, you can drop when the man to your right drops

then……5 x “let downs”   (10 second drop from the up poisition of a pull up)

2 lap Native American Run……to the speed way

20 V – Ups

Hold upper V – up position to failure, then line up again in the order that you dropped….. hold upper V – up position again to failure, waterfall style.   I mentioned how bad my groinal area hurt, Benign’s had apparently gone numb.   Much to my surprise, groinal is actually a word.   After that we did flutters till it hurt and women noises were heard, around 50 or so.

Grab a block……

Squats over blocks on end, lower to 1 apple over the block then…

Hold squat position exactly 1 apple over block till last man standing, then……line up in order of failure, and hold squat position again till the man to your right fails.    Couldn’t think of a good eccentric contraction exercise for the squat muscles w/o a ton of weight, so 15 monkey humpers in cadence.

this was supposed to be the fin, but we had a little extra time and thanks to LOB’s suggestion, 2 min overhead hold with the blocks, the 10 x overhead press with a 10 second let down.


LBCs IC x 30

Am Ham IC x 20

Flutters IC x 40


Annc  Christmas Party, Dec 21  (

Dont be a Grinch 5K (

Prayers – My phone died, so I have forgotten most of them, though, Squince’s & family I recall.   Sorry guys.

Strangely, right after RT left, a couple of FiA ladies rolled up demanding to know where he was.   It was awkward, so normal for pitchfork.

Do your thing Swamp Bot.

Always an honor,





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