SOS…Getting Stronger

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  • Workout Date - 11/16/0009
  • Q In Charge - Slug
  • The PAX - TBag, Roid, Octane, Steamer, Hook & Ladder, Youkilis, Seal, Lincoln Log, I Try, Carroll Shelby, Bobbie with an i, Glutten, Cabin Fever, Slug
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It wasn’t long ago that a typical workout at SOS consisted of a dedicated PAX of 3-4 guys from Powderkeg (Slug, Duplo and TBag…Steamer and Hook & Ladder would show when they were not on shift at the fire department).  We would show every week and wonder why we didn’t just start another day at Powderkeg instead of traveling to Williamston every week.  The guys from Anderson didn’t show anymore and we had no luck getting any locals to come.  Still we pressed on.  One rainy day several months ago the 3 amigos car pooled to SOS and much to our surprise an FNG showed up!  He was later dubbed “I Try.”  It was I Try that gave us the inspiration to keep showing up every Tuesday.  Thanks for being dedicated and continuing to show up I Try, because of your dedication and everyone’s willingness to invite other guys to come and start there morning our right we had a record crowd of 14 PAX today!  Cotters to Roid and Cabin Fever!!  Here is what they endured…


-Smurf Jacks X 20 IC
-Globe Jumps X 5 rotations (hands on the ground)
-Slugs Circuit of Pain (don’t know what else to call it) 5 rounds of 5 merkins IC, 5 Mt. Climbers IC then jump to your feet and back down again
-Howling Monkeys (2 rounds around the ring of fire)

The Thang

Mosey to the gazebo and circle up around the bench seat

-Web of 11’s (1 Derkin-4 airpress-10 dips, 2 Derkins-8 airpress-9 dips, continue to 10 Derkins-40 airpress-1 dip)

Mosey to stage

-Side Plank Walk with Mt. Climber (5 to the right then 5 to the left)
-Plank Hop to Squat X 10 IC (smoker!!)
-Al Gore for 30 seconds
Rinse and repeat for 3 rounds (no mumblechatter to be heard…)

Mosey up Main Street to corner of shopping center parking lot at Light Pole
-Partner up and do Route 66 with Squerkins down Main Street at light poles (to 11)

-American Hammer X 15 IC
-Flutter Kicks X 15 IC
-Wheezy Jefferson X 15
-Isolated Crunch X 15 (each side)
-10 Burpees OYO


-Springwater 5K in Williamston at Mineral Springs Park (SOS) next Saturday 7:30 ($20 registration at race if you mention F3)
-Midnight Flight in Anderson Friday before Springwater 5K

Prayer Request

-Dyn-O-Mite prayers for direction & accountability
-Cabin Fevers grandmother has cancer and is on a liquid diet.  Pray for comfort and healing and no pain.
-TBag & Quickie’s sisters battling cancer
-Pray for Roid this week as he will be surrounded by a group of lost teens.  Give him the words to say to these guys and actions to show the love of Jesus to this group.
-Pray for Slug, Carroll Shelby, Octane and Bobbie with an i as we try to EH a friend who is going through some struggles and in need of the company of a few good men.


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