• Workout Date - 09/13/2016
  • Q In Charge - Steamer
  • The PAX - Youkillis, Hook&ladder,Bobbyw/i,Octane, Slug, Gulten, Duplo, Clarinet, Al Borland, I Try, Little Engine (FNG), TBag
  • AO -

Warm up

Side Straddle Hop, Mericans, Air Squats, cadence 10 count for each

The Program

1st. Dora 123 at the hill, mericans, LBCs, Air Squats. Then a slow mosey to Micky D’s parking lot to lunge walk and hold the plank, X2. Then again a mosey (active recovery) to the FH parking lot to complete a Jack Webb. back to the Flag for a short version of Marry.  Started with superman/ironman and ended the program with a plank hold of death.


Prayer Requested for several in the PAX that their famlies are fighting cancer, TBag and Quickie.

Events/dates:  Hyco 5k 10/27 , Hope Relay 11/12, RagNar 10/7-8

Named Russel Davis “Little Engine” Chuga,Chuga

All statements are true and accurate to the best of my knowledge!



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