Someone Finally Found a Good Reason to Wear Orange

  • Workout Date - 10/04/2018
  • Q In Charge - Perry Mason
  • The PAX - Courtesy Flush, Grrr, No Bars, Emeril, Kindergarten Cop, iTunes, Wally, Play-Doh, SA (Kotters), Almond Joy, Training Wheels, LeVar Burton, FNG James (now Stripes), Perry Mason
  • AO - The Station

14 men, including 1 FNG, posted at the Station this morning.  In tribute to Darth Visor (TAP), our Clemson supporting PAX wore orange.  Given that I do not own anything of that shade, I was unable to participate in that.  But I’m glad someone finally found a good reason to wear that color in public.

Warm Up

SSH x 20 IC (since I had to give the mission statement and disclaimer at the start, AJ actually got to join us in the SSH for a change when he rolled in at 5:30:30)

IW x 20 IC

Windmills x 10 IC

The Thang

Short mosey to the amphitheater for 11s.  Makhtar N’Diaye’s at the top, squats at the bottom.

Good to have iTunes back from his injury to give us one of his trademark 10 counts before we mosey to Cannon St., do some LBCs, and hang a left to the corner at the old Mutual Store.

Time for 4 corners escalator – 10 merkins at every corner, 20 Russian twists at corners 2-4, 30 squats at corners 3-4, and 40 donkey kicks back where we started.

Next we mosey towards Greer 1st Baptist for a cup of Joe up the stairs,  and then head back towards the park entrance for 20 dips and 20 derkins OYO.

We Karaoke our way down the walkway back towards the starting point.  Mary was no doubt on everyone’s mind until – surprise – we keep running to the shelter for 20 bench presses.  Then backwards run up the hill to the circle for Mary.


We did a continuous run of heels to heaven, Rosalita, and Dolly.  Next erectors, with single leg variations mixed in.  Then were corkscrews before finishing off with a plank until time ran.

Naked Man Moleskin

We had an FNG named James this morning, who killed his first workout.   I think the men were rather gentle on him with the F3 name Stripes.  I mean, there was plenty to work with.  The guy wrestles alligators, for goodness sake.  My Crocodile Hunter suggestion was not well received, so welcome, Stripes.

Prayers for the family of Darth Visor.

The PAX talked about the importance of getting physicals and making sure we are doing everything outside the workout to look after ourselves.

Prayers for Coach Perry and those dealing with cancer.  Praise for Erector for his birthday and his upcoming cancer-free anniversary.

Prayers for the Florence law enforcement personnel and their families.

Prayers for those on the coast.


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