Somebody Get That FNG Some Gloves

  • Workout Date - 09/23/2023
  • Q In Charge -
  • The PAX -
  • AO -

16 men planted the shovel flag at The Main Thang for Handy Manny’s VQ. Good thing Handy gave us a proper warm up because it takes a while to warm up when it’s 12*. #Cantore called for a low of 20* – what’s 8* at 0530, in January??

handy manny

(Iceman posting for Handy Manny)

The Thang:

SSH x20
Shuffle jacks x20
10 burpees oyo
10 lunges
10 peter parkers
Rinse & repeat 3×

Mosey around the Peace Center to the rails near the Bridge Over the River Reedy
x10 supine pull ups then roll over for diamond merkins x10 in cadence
rinse and repeat 3×, audible at 8 diamonds on 3rd set (YHC’s fingers were ridiculously cold at this point)
20 squats and mosey to parking garage.
1st ramp – sprint up
2nd ramp – walking push up /w lumbar explosion (audible – mosey last half of ramp) #smoker
3rd ramp – sprint up ramp
4th ramp – lunge walk then mosey back to bottom of garage and plank up until everyone returns
Pair up for fireman’s carry up ramp, then 20 flutters at top and flapjack, mosey back down rinse and repeat.

Mosey back to Peace Center for Mary.
20 full extension sit-ups
20 behind the leg clapping flutter kicks
Random 6″ to 90 deg. until mumblechatter got pretty loud.


Naked Moleskin
– Great VQ by Handy Manny. YHC loves it when VQ’s breakout new exercises
– Great to have 2 FNG’s post this morning. Awesome work in super cold conditions. Especially since Turbo Tax did half the workout sans gloves. Luckily he retrieved a pair from his car.
– Also great to have Backdraft back in the gloom. It’s been a while #NoMoreFartsacking

– Our thoughts and prayers are with Epee as he is deployed this Sunday
– 2/1 Swamp Rabbit Anniversary beatdown AND Hero’s 5k
– 2/8 Triple down with Legacy workout at 0700, Drifter 6k at 0900 then GRITch’s birthday beatdown after the race

Handy Manny

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