Some of this and some of that!

  • Workout Date - 09/19/2019
  • Q In Charge - Lt. Dangle
  • The PAX - Priscilla, Cockpit, Hot4Teacher, UP, Butterbean, Rasheed Wallace
  • AO - Graceland

So about midway through the IronPax beatdown YHC remembered he had the  Q at Graceland the next day. Certainly not! Then out of the gloom came the booming confirmation that indeed YHC would lead. So what would any sensible Q do the day after the IronPax week 3? How about a Beamer inspired workout….yeah that’ll work.

Mission statement: Nailed it!

Disclaimer: DO THE WORK!

Warm up:

Mountain Climbers x 20 IC

Hill Billy’s x 20 IC (HFT had no clue, rhythm was all out of whack! Lookin like Jim Fonda)

UP’s (legs wide, bend at the waist, stop at the knees, IC 1,2,3 as your hands move back finishing with a clap) GREAT STRETCH if you actually get past the knees.

Let’s take a lap. Finish in the back and grab six blocks.

Butterbean was in rare form this morning. Pray for him please!

The Thang: 

To start the PAX need to get on station. Using the back parking lot curb/grass to the church wall we will have three stations. When this kicks off the stations will have a PAX in position waiting for the trade off! Station 1 is the curb at the grass. Station 2 is the center of the 2 facing parking spots. Station 3 is the wall of the church.

Station 1: Alternating hand block Mericans x 10… (Right hand on block Merican is one, switch to left hand on block Merican is 2) you get the drift.

After ten grab the two blocks and farmers carry to Station 2.

Station 2: Hold 6 inches and this PAX will wait on the farmers carry to arrive. When the blocks arrive this PAX will now assume the duties of the carry and head to Station 3. The PAX that finished Station 1 will now hold 6 inches.

Station 3: Wall sits while waiting on farmers carry from Station 2. When this PAX gets the blocks they will return to the start at Station 1 and repeat.  The PAX from Station 2 will now Wall Sit until relieved.

YHC is not sure how many we completed but the decision to change it up happened at 05:55hrs. The last 3 sets were changed and this upset F3ville much like Pinetar calling out IronPax numbers.

Station 1 is now a Merican, slide the block underneath the chest to the opposite side and repeat. X10 worked before and so stay the course.

Station 2 changed to Plank Holds.

Station 3 Balls to the Wall and oh my did this upset the apple cart. Gonna have to remember this one!

Caveat for these rounds was leave the blocks at Station 1 and Lunge Walk between stations.

Lets put the blocks up everyone seems happy! Fitness, fighting and foolery seem to be the name of the game for this one.

Butterbean had his own agenda and started to take a lap? Who is this guy? Nope that’s not what’s about to go down. Since UP bugged out we were down to 6 PAX and it was time to Jail Break.

Line up with side 4 of the church and we will sprint across the parking lot to the island. When PAX 1 reaches the first light pole PAX 2 takes off. When PAX 1 his the second light pole Pax 3 takes off. Wait on everyone then head back to the start in the same fashion. Then one more time and that’s all folks.

Mary:  YCH had plans for Mary until someone hollered the flags down! 

YHC ran to fix the flag issue and came back to the circle. Some were already on their six and some were doing crunches? Oh no no… on your feet. Suffer the penalty and let’s do some burpees!

Penalty served and now that’s all I got.


Announcements: Whisper’s half marathon training is cranking up.
GORUCK HTL event in Greenville in November. Get some!


Priscilla is about to be left alone with the two lil ones. Get some popcorn because its about to get real. Pray for the M’s trip and safe return.

DIngleberry is feeling the stress of sports and school. Longs days have turned into weeks and months.

Praise for HFT’s  bosses Dad who is out of the hospital.

#P4BB (Prayers for Butterbean)

It’s always a pleasure to lead!  


Lt. Dangle


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