Soggy Committed Rabbits

  • Workout Date - 06/09/2023
  • Q In Charge -
  • The PAX -
  • AO -

16 DRY, Warm brethren ignored the Monsoon Warnings and risked it all in the soaking WET gloom.

Merkins 15x
20x LBC (er auditable to 15, laughing too hard)
Imperial Walker 25x
SSH 25x

Mosey to Grace Church Downtown steps:
Pair up into groups of two with partner one running the steps twice (up/down 1, rinse and repeat).
Partner #2 would be completing the below exercises:
* Jacque Cousteau
* Merkins
* Air Lunges
* Merkinjacks
Rinse and Repeat

Remain in groups of 2:
Partner 1 has the option of doing 15 burpees or running up to Washington Street and back
Partner 2 does Joe Hendrix up the stairs while partner 1 is running.

Mosey down to Broad Street for a relay race….er scratch too much chatter, run back to PC.

Hand the Q over to Paparazz-ski
Flutter 15x
Back scratcher 15x
Rise from the grave 15x

Dips 10x
Derkins 10x
Rinse and repeat 2x



  • You know it’s gonna be fun when you are soaked before you even circle up! #iamtaking thisshirtoff
  • what starting off sucking pretty bad, ended up possibly being one of our best workouts.
  • welcome to FNG Dwayne (Gymboree) – He owns the local Playnation franchise
  • HDHH Wednesday – Carolina Ale House on Woodruff, 5:15. Others will be heading to Maverick’s Hangar to plan the August 17th Party.
  • Next workout is Thursday 05:30. Iceman has the Q.



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