Soggy Bottoms

  • Workout Date - 10/07/2022
  • Q In Charge -
  • The PAX -
  • AO -

Small numbers are known to create havoc throughout world history, the Alamo, The scene from Gladiator where the Hord attack carthage.  Well this was like that, except F3 style!

The Thang’ 

Fa So La – Q

 Jog it around the park loop and circle up by the low wall for some warm ups. 

  • SSH x 30
  • Mountain Climber x 20
  • LBC x 20
  • 4-count squat x 15
  • Burpees to get the heart rate going.  x5  x4  x3  x2  x10. 

Jog it around to top of the park loop.

Partner up for some catch me if you can: 

  • 5x reps as partner takes off.  chase, tag and pass as partner completes 5x reps and gives chase.  full loop.
  • Round 1: tuck jumps
  • Round 2: Merkins

Circle up in the middle for the Dirty McDeuce. 

  • 12x: Merkin, Dolley, Mountain Climber
  • 12x: Diamond, Flutter, Rock Hopper
  • 12x: Dry Dock, Russian Twist, Stump Jumper
  • 12x: Wide Arm, Knee Up, Makhtar Ndiaye

Handoff to Runstopper for Second half:

Mosy to the back side of the YMCA Buildling

  • Peoples Chair, Alternating Leg Raise 6 inches – Keep arms raised
  • Twinkle Toes (raise heels support self with toes)
  • Hold 2 minutes


  • Balls to the Wall
  • 5 mirkens
  • Plank with feet on wall

Mosy around the YMCA (secretly scouting for a perfect wall) 

Hand Walk the distance of the wall (feet to hevan) 2x

Circle up for a little Tiger Rag Special aka Jack Webb

  • 1 mirken; 4 arm raises.
  • 2 mirkens; 8 arm raises continue until 10 mirkens and 40 arm raises

Jog to the wet and soggy sand vollyball court for a little Kitty Litter work

  •  Partner Up Wheel Barrow to end and switch partner return to start
  • Parner Drag to end/swicth partner return to start
  • Bear Crawl down and back
  • Wounded Bear Crawl end swich leg and return
  • Lunge one way
  • carioca down and back  
  • Finish off with suicides 2x

At about 6:50, both Q’s began discussions on the mono a mono beat down that was about to ensue, should the beautiful weather produce a blank slate.  Fortunately, 7 brave souls rolled in just in time…It looked like ‘catch me if you can’ might end up on the ‘$#!%-list early, however, once Runstopper began turning the pax shoulders to mush with the balls-to-the-wall and wall-walkers, I could almost hear the sounds of begging to head back to that loop…Wet Kitty Litter…nough said. Heard at least on FEBA…shockingly, don’t recall any BS though….

Good work by all, especially our one FNG, Grit who drew the short straw and had Runstopper as a partner…


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